Google Unveils New Distributed Cloud

Google Unveils New Distributed Cloud

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Google has announced Distribution Cloud in Google Cloud Next ’21, held on 25th October. According to Google, now organizations are looking to accelerate their cloud adoption more than ever. So, they want more straightforward development, faster innovation, and a more efficient scale while lowering their technological risk. 

However, due to variables such as industry or region-specific compliance and data sovereignty requirements, low latency or local data-processing requirements, or the necessity to run close to other services, certain of their workloads cannot be moved wholly or immediately to the public cloud.

Google Distributed Cloud can be operated from several locations depending on the organization’s needs, including:

  • Google’s network edge- Customers can access over 140+ Google network edge locations worldwide through Google’s network edge.

  • Operator edge – Allowing clients to use an operator’s edge network to access 5G/LTE services from our premier communication service provider (CSP) partners. The operator edge is designed to handle low-latency use cases, such as edge applications that demand high latency and bandwidth.

  • Customer edge – Providing support for customer-owned edge or remote locations such as retail storefronts, factory floors, or branch offices that require localized computation and processing.

  • Supporting customer data centers and colocation facilities to fulfill stringent data security and privacy requirements and modernize on-premises installations while remaining compliant with regulations.

Anthos, an open-source-based platform, combines the management of infrastructure and applications across on-premises, at the edge, and on different public clouds, all while ensuring consistent operation at scale. 

At the same time, Google Distributed Cloud taps into planet-scale infrastructure to deliver the highest performance, availability, and security, while Anthos runs on hardware managed by Google which provides a service-related platform to run applications securely and remotely.

Customers can migrate or update apps and process data locally using Google Distributed Cloud, including Google Cloud services such as databases, data analytics, machine learning, and container management. Customers can also use prominent vendor third-party services in their dedicated environment. A varied portfolio of partners will support the services at launch, including Cisco, Dell, HPE, and NetApp.

Google Distribution Cloud Key Products:

  1. Google Distributed Cloud Edge:

Google Distributed Cloud Edge is a fully managed product that brings Google Cloud’s architecture and services closer to your data generation and consumption. Google Distributed Cloud Edge enables you to operate 5G Core and radio access network (RAN) operations alongside enterprise apps at the edge to support mission-critical use cases like computer vision and Google AI edge inferencing.

It extends telecommunications offerings by allowing CSPs to execute Intel and NVIDIA technology workloads, enabling new 5G and edge use cases. It also allows ISV and network functionality partners, application developers, and data scientists to swiftly and efficiently offer innovation and scale efficiently and quickly.

  1. Google Distributed Cloud Hosted:

Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, which supports public-sector customers and commercial enterprises with tight data residency, security, or privacy needs, is designed to execute sensitive workloads and builds on the digital sovereignty vision.

It employs a local control plane provided by Anthos for operations and does not require connectivity to Google Cloud at any point to manage infrastructure, services, APIs, or tooling. Google Distributed Cloud Hosted will be accessible in preview from the first half of 2022

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