HubSpot Launches Operations Hub To Scale Businesses

HubSpot Launches Operations Hub To Scale Businesses

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HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, is expanding its suite of tools with the launch of Operations Hub. The new product is designed to transform the role of operations professionals across the business world and empower them to take center stage in helping their companies scale.


HubSpot, known as one of the best CRM platforms for scaling businesses, has announced the launch of Operations Hub. With the introduction of Operations Hub, the company is expanding its toolkit designed to make the most out of the HubSpot CRM platform with improved integrations, enhanced data quality tools, and more effective automation.


Operations Hub is an additional innovation to the HubSpot customer relationship management (CRM) by which the cross-functional teams can seamlessly manage business workflows for each customer end-to-end. It will allow users to transform customer data into a single connected CRM platform, automate various time-consuming activities, and easy maintenance of a clean database. Moreover, the brand-new HubSpot platform bi-directionally synchronizes data with multiple applications, including Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite.


HubSpot’s EVP of Revenue Operations Alison Elworthy stated: “Operations teams are the unsung heroes of our industry; they are in charge of maintaining the structures, procedures, and data that keep a growing organization going daily. As a result, they are the masterminds behind the customer experience. Despite this, most businesses continue to view operations as a reactive function whose sole aim is to put out fires.”


Features Of Operations Hub

  • Unifies various operations teams such as sales, marketing, and services groups to create a single revenue operations organization.

  • Ability to keep business apps working without any third-party integration tools.

  • Provides users the ability to automate their business operations to cater to the ever-evolving customers’ needs.

  • Enables the users to build workflows to update key data points in the database automatically.

Operations Hub, a new product from HubSpot, is available in Free, Starter, and Professional versions. By signing up for HubSpot’s CRM Suite, businesses can access various items from HubSpot’s CRM platform, including Operations Hub.


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