Salesforce Announces The Next Phase Of Dreampass

Salesforce Announces The Next Phase Of Dreampass

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Salesforce announces the next version of Dreampass and the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook, along with verifiable credential management. 

Salesforce intends to build trust in organizations through these releases by bringing people together and creating a safe environment and healthy future. 

Dreampass, along with the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook, offers technology and best practices to help businesses deliver in-person events more effectively and safely. As traditional health status monitoring and management are time-consuming, inefficient, and laborious, these safety standards regarding COVID-19 will prove robust and scalable. 

Moreover, sections of the Salesforce Event Health and Safety Playbook include:

  • Putting together the proper team of experts
  • COVID-19 vaccinations and testing are at the forefront
  • Adherence to on-site procedures and practices
  • Creating a user-friendly, technologically enhanced experience
  • Investing in planning as well as open, proactive communication

Salesforce’s strategy and execution for organizing events have changed in tandem with the pandemic. As a result, Salesforce is now releasing a free resource to help other businesses reestablish in-person events based on some of the lessons learned and insights acquired during the production of Dreamforce 2021.

Any organization can now develop more trusted event experiences thanks to Salesforce’s evolution of Dreampass. Furthermore, Dreampass, which will be available in January, will allow enterprises to expand COVID-19 health status collection and verification, including managing evidence of vaccination and interfacing with COVID-19 testing vendors such as CVS Health. Dreampass will also work with partners like CLEAR and The Commons Project to make the process of verifying one’s digital health status easier.

Organizations can use Dreampass to develop automated communications that keep participants informed about event procedures and policies. Dreampass collects data from each attendee, such as event registration, customer information, and COVID-19 health status, and generates a secure, multifactor credential for the event.

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