COA+LMA configuration and Setup
December 18, 2019, 8.00PM IST

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Indrajeet Agrawal

Indrajeet Agrawal

Business Development Head

Cloud Analogy

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Join us for this amazingly interactive free and live webinar by Indrajeet Agrawal, Business Development Head and at Cloud Analogy

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In this Webinar, you will learn

Create, Submit & Track Order within Salesforce using Licence Management App

Manage leads and licenses for your AppExchange offerings

License Management App (LMA) creates lead and license records

Licenses give you control over how many users in the customer’s org can access your offering and for how long. Licenses have lookup relationships with leads and package versions

COA helps you to Submit initial orders for new customers

COA has to Submit add-on, upgrade, renewal, reduction, and cancellation orders for existing customers

COA has view details about your customers, such as order history

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