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Dreamforce to You 2020: Dreamforce 2020 Is All Set To Happen

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Dreamforce Conference, the biggest Salesforce conference, has always remained in the Salesforce community’s limelight because every year, the best and brightest minds gather to offer perspective, vision, and solutions for a better world. And Dreamforce 2020 is no exception!

What’s exciting in the year 2020? Well, the wait is finally over. After many twists and turns, finally, the Dreamforce event is going to happen in 2020! As the coronavirus pandemic has completed transformed the way people communicate and collaborate, Salesforce has reimagined Dreamforce 2020 event for today’s all-digital, work-from-anywhere world.

This year’s Dreamforce conference, re-branded as “Dreamforce to You,” is a reimagined, virtual experience for learning, innovation, and inspiration, and it’s free to all. This virtual event will start from November 12 and will run through an unspecified date in December.

Undoubtedly, this Dreamforce 2020 event will be a customized, digital experience in the context of a year like no other — 2020. Earlier, in April, CRM giant Salesforce has announced to reimagine all its events for the year 2020, including Dreamforce 2020. Later on, in August, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff reportedly hints that no digital Dreamforce is going to happen this year. But after months of prediction, Salesforce has come up with a definite answer that Dreamforce will be going to be held in 2020, but it will be virtual, of course.

Marc Benioff, the CEO and founder of Salesforce, will deliver a virtual keynote on November 12 to share the vision for the future and unveil product innovations across the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, and more. The reimagined event will bring together the inspiring community of Trailblazers to learn from each other, share inspirational customer success, and engage in relevant and insightful conversations. The rest of the program has yet to be officially announced.

Dreamforce is the world’s biggest technology event, and no matter what, there’s always something to be taken away from it. This year, Dreamforce has been restructured and redefined, and how it now performs will be examined closely by anyone interested in virtual events. There is no denying that this Dreamforce 2020 will be a virtual event experience like no other. So, don’t miss it! Get ready to experience a whole new Dreamforce for the first time.

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