Salesforce Admin & Developer Support

Minimize technology investment with proven administrative and customization services of Salesforce technology by the professional Salesforce Admin & Developer Support Services from Cloud Analogy.


Salesforce Admin & Developer Support Services

In the Salesforce Universe, it is possible to tackle every software support needs of your business. However, the professional expertise of a team of certified Salesforce experts would resolve issues with élan for administration and development, and increasing user adoption. Cloud Analogy, over the years, has established itself as one of the prime companies offering outstanding Salesforce Admin & Developer Support services. We have demonstrated exceptional skills in transforming the businesses of our clients by being their extended team. Our comprehensive services include a range of activities including administration and customization of your Salesforce tasks.

What sets us apart?

Put aside all your worries related to Salesforce issues. Our technically qualified Salesforce specialists have hands-on experience working on various projects. Invest in the right talent and minimize risks with outstanding services from Cloud Analogy. Our services guarantee you reliability, cost-effectiveness, and superior quality.


Qualified Professionals

Our talented pool of qualified professionals with their vast industry experience help you in increasing user adoption and maximize the returns for your investment in technology.


Hand-picked Team

We handpick the developers with the right set of analytical skills to suit your support needs – relieving you of the pain to set up an in-house team to monitor Salesforce.


Flexible Support Packages

We offer the flexibility to choose a suitable engagement model that suits diverse client requirements, while you continue to experience impeccable services from us.


Faster Response Time

We provide on-time services to your Salesforce challenges before they burgeon into a critical issue – jeopardizing business operations with faster response time and speedy resolutions.

Accelerate Business Growth

At Cloud Analogy, our team of certified Salesforce professionals has established proven capabilities to mitigate any risk or challenge that may arise with your Salesforce instance. Our Salesforce Admin and Developer Support services extend cloud computing capabilities with reduced delivery costs.

Focus on your Core Functions

We proactively monitor salesforce Implementation and identify areas of performance improvements; developing best practices, to help you focus on your core business functions.

Dedicated Resources

Finding the right resource with niche skills is always difficult. We specialize in providing dedicated resources according to your project requirements and its complexities.

Scalable Resources

Based on your project needs, we offer you the flexibility to scale up or scale down the Salesforce support resources to meet your developer support needs for higher end-user adoption.

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