Salesforce Education Consultancy Services

Connect with Prospects

Get a unified view on prospects, students, donors, alumni, and affiliates. The Salesforce Healthcare Consultancy Services from Cloud Analogy enable you to work across mobile, social and Cloud platforms – connecting all information at every touchpoint.

Cloud Analogy in Education Services

Gain 360 degree Customer View.

Transform the Student Journey & Empower Your Institution.

Create a 1:1 conversation with students based on real-time inputs and engage them on their preferred devices – with a panoramic view of students with the Education Services from Cloud Analogy. It is incredibly difficult to collaborate. Deliver a seamless experience for students to enhance campus collaboration – irrespective of the channel or department the students seek to interact with.  Drive Student success across the entire span of student lifecycle starting right from the prospect.

What are the Benefits?

Gain considerable advantage in the highly competitive space of higher education with Salesforce CRM. Provide valuable insights to build a stronger relation with students and alumni. Place the students at the centre of everything and achieve stellar performance across the entire student lifecycle.

Why Salesforce is Necessary for Education?

The Education Services from Cloud Analogy help your organization to effectively plan and optimize the way the students interact with each other. Measure the impact of the personalized content across all channels. Salesforce helps to automate manual tasks and enables powerful data-informed advisory services across the campus.

Connect Prospects like Never Before

Meet your business goals on recruitment and admissions and gain complete insights. Help to increase recruiter productivity by improved brand awareness.

Panoramic Student View

A 360-degree view of student ensures to create a powerful student community. Extend your services to proactively resolve any student issues.

Foster Campus Collaboration

Drive a seamless experience for students by building an internal environment for collaboration. Ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Build Alumni and Donor Relationship

Increase fundraising and build alumni for a lifetime. Track personalized communication across all channels -social, web, email and mobile.

Challenges and Opportunities

Identify at-risk students and proactively address their woes. Craft the ultimate 1: 1 student interactions by leveraging the power of Salesforce with personalized content across all channels. Breakdown traditional silos by fostering campus collaboration, so as to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  

Admissions and Enrollments

Streamline the application and registration process for your Institution with Education Cloud with increased transparency and efficiency.

Improve Retention

Improve Student satisfaction and retention with Education Cloud. Get a 360-degree student view for building a stronger student community.

Engage the Right Students

Enroll and Engage the right students with improved marketing campaigns, with Education Cloud and build brand awareness.

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