Salesforce Release Management Services

Set up a release schedule and criteria for releases of various sizes.  Strive ahead towards production with changes and customization in any release – with change sets.

Why Cloud Analogy?

The Release Management services at Cloud Analogy helps our clients to chart out  Release Management process, adopting the Agile Methodologies. Such a process enables the developers to cross over the many hurdles of various releases, managing the various versions of Salesforce with increased efficiency. Some of the best practices that we follow are sandbox management, metadata management, and CI building. We follow a Release Management approach based on planning, scheduling and controlling a software.

Optimize Investments

Our experts will optimize your Salesforce investments and enable you to deliver with continuity with automated release deployments.

Effective Release Management

We manage the changes to the production in a proactive manner with reduced chances of project failures, increasing quality as well.

Streamline Release

We make use of third-party tools to streamline your Release Management processes, enhancing team collaboration, and reducing the time spent on deployment.

Challenges of Salesforce Release Management

Increased complexities of projects are the main challenges faced by our clientsSome of the challenges are:

While incorporating new changes, there is a need to understand the risk requirements.


Not much visibility to overall project status and cross project status.


Difficulty in understanding whether a full , regression, and functional testing is conducted.


Inability to predict the impact of the developmental changes on various components and the associated risks.


Failure to understand the requirement impact of any 3rd-party applications


Implementing changes increases the risks, while going for new dashboards, validation rules, and formulas.

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