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From Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consulting to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Implementation to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Administration, and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud data migration, you can always count us on us for everything in Salesforce!

Do more good.

Deliver better programs, deepen constituent associations, and accelerate your transformation journey into a Connected Nonprofit.

Make an even greater impact as your great mission truly deserves great technology.

Today, the world needs nonprofits more than ever. Nonprofit Cloud is the right platform for nonprofits and gives you a 360-degree and unified view of your mission. 

Empowered by a community of over 30,000 trailblazers, Nonprofit Cloud powers your entire mission by leveraging the world’s #1 CRM. Raise more donations with AI-driven insights, track and measure impact in real-time, and take every single constituent on their memorable personal journey because there is nothing less that you deserve to change our beautiful world.

What is Nonprofit Cloud? Nonprofit Cloud is a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box Salesforce technologies that address the technology hurdles and challenges that are usually faced by nonprofits. It includes Salesforce products like Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Communities as well as specifically-built products by for nonprofits.

An advanced version of Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Salesforce Nonprofit cloud helps you configure your organization’s data model and business processes for nonprofit program management. Products within this cloud include Nonprofit Success Pack, Sales Cloud, Lightning Platform, Chatter, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Success Plans, and NGO Connect.

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Cloud Analogy is making it even easier for your nonprofit to get started and going with Nonprofit Cloud.

Benefits Of Nonprofit Cloud Platform

Faster response to constituents

Store all your data in one place and reduce the number of missed opportunities.

Increased donor retention

Increases the confidence of Donors by increasing transparency & enabling processes.

Higher ability to achieve the mission

Improves the efficiency of nonprofits by accessing better insights to achieve their mission.

360-degree donor and receiver view

Collate all the data for the entire customer lifecycle and demonstrate it in a 360-degree view.

Lower cost of operations

Reduce manual efforts and overall cost of operations to make nonprofits more efficient.

Reduces fraudulent activities

Minimizes human errors and detects suspicious process activities by automating and regularizing the flow of funds.

Hire best Nonprofit Cloud experts by choosing Cloud Analogy, the world’s leading Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner.

Our teams of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud specialists guide you to categorize and manage cases, maintain comprehensive information about constituents and volunteers, log and categorize assets, organize and schedule resources, track detailed activity histories, automate processes, and support and enforce workflows.

Choose Cloud Analogy for Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consulting, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Implementation, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Administration, and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud data migration now!
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