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Get Leads and Clients with Custom Real Estate Solution

We make use of the Salesforce CRM solution because it is possible to get all relevant information from customers and prospects, from a single and centralized location. Deliver a personalized experience for the clients to enable a quicker journey through the sales funnel – to obtain real-estate business for your company.

Cloud Analogy in Real Estate

Deliver faster and accurate information

Design a customized solution for your real estate business with our Certified Salesforce experts and automate some functions – to precisely retrieve real-time data for your targeted audience. Ensure to make the data retrieval process, faster and painless, to consolidate the diverse sources from which the real-estate business obtains information – website or other sources such as referral, advertising – into a single database. Build highly engaged clients with full access of information, by the agents – wherever they might be.  

Why Salesforce is necessary for Real Estate?

Transform your real-estate business with Salesforce technology. Stay ahead of your competitors and run your business at a faster rate – as speed matters the most in a real-estate business. Fasten your decision-making with a system to reduce the operating costs for your real-estate business.

Increase Efficiency of Servicing

Make intuitive, fast loading and responsive user interfaces and increase the efficiency levels of operations and servicing.

Report with Analytics

Fetch anytime, anywhere information with Salesforce Dashboards and Reports. Keep track of pipelines and generated revenue with the Salesforce Reports.

Automate Marketing Plans

Automate the marketing plans of your sales representatives by implementation of Salesforce Marketing tools and get connected to follow up with clients.

Get Real-time Information (Anywhere, Anytime)

Access information, even when the sales agents are away on the field. Avail real-time information on inventory booking, from the mobile devices of the agents.

Reduce Workload for a Better Customer Experience

Access information, even when the sales agents are away on the field. Avail real-time information on inventory booking from the mobile devices of the agents.

Track Opportunities and Close Deals

Verify the leads, track the various stages of opportunities for your real-estate business and find what all are needed to ensure closure of deals.

What are the Benefits?

Accelerate the productivity of your sales team and turn the dream of your prospective clients into a reality. Simplify client relationship with automation and retrieve valuable information accurately from the clients and enable the clients with ample time to concentrate – on meaningful activities to increase business revenue.

What are the Benefits

Challenges for Real Estate Solution

Provide your customers with a real-time and detailed information, to comprehend complex issues at play in real-estate business by adopting a flexible approach. Resolve everyday problems with a comprehensive simple-to-use. Real-estate solution.

Technological Challenges icon

Technological Challenges

Resistance to technology is one of the primary challenges for your real-estate business. Realign the technology strategies due to compelling demands of millennial tenants.

Metrics icon

Understand Metrics

Provide with adequate metrics with the CRM solution adopted by your business and measure the success of your efforts, to offer the right ROI.

Protect Sensitive icon

Protect Sensitive Information

Ensure that the security of sensitive tenant, vendor and employee data are maintained and protected by the real-estate solution.

Digital Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Empower your real-estate business, by harnessing the power of mobile technologies. Nurture and track prospects from inquiries to sales, to build advocacy. Adopt a responsive design for your website across all devices for an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Responsive Websites icon

Responsive Websites

Build responsive websites, implementing SEO best practices and drive quality traffic by connecting well the buyers and the sellers.

Online Communities icon

Online Communities

Build responsive and engaging customized online communities and increase brand loyalty, customer advocacy and customer engagement.

Mobile App Development icon

Mobile App Development

Access information, anywhere and anytime with mobile apps. Enable the customers to reach exact property location with geolocation specifications of the app.

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