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Salesforce for State & Local Government

Leverage the potential of a safe, reliable, and out-of-the-box Cloud Service Platform for Government. Our experience in Salesforce Government Cloud Implementation Services and Salesforce Government Cloud Development is unmatched to say the least. 

Our success is based on our years of successful existence managing new systems, remaining in compliance requirements, and increasing innovation across civilian agencies, state and local governments, and national defense and intelligence communities.

Cloud Analogy has been the undisputed leader for enterprise cloud application services and cloud professional services as we empower every touchpoint with our industry-leading cloud expertise. Our teams of Salesforce Government Cloud specialists help state and government bodies migrate to and run their business in the Government Cloud from Salesforce.

Who can use Salesforce Government Cloud?

Salesforce Government Cloud infrastructure can help fuel your journey of digital transformation at all levels of government, including:

Federal Government

State & Local Government

Department of Defense (DoD)

Higher Education

Benefits Of Salesforce Government Cloud

Leverage the innumerable advantages of Salesforce Government to:

Modernize and consolidate solutions to grow revenue for licensing, fines, and permitting more quickly

Deliver faster and greater value

Access fast, easy, and AI-driven solution

Deliver on your mission with more impact

Enhance responsiveness to citizens with modernized applications

Modernize and consolidate solutions to grow revenue for licensing, fines, and permitting more quickly

Overview Of Salesforce Government Cloud

For Federal Government

Federal Contact Center

Facilities and Capital Management

Federal Case Management

Government Cloud Wave

Cloud App Development

For Government Contractors

Business Development

Supplier Relationship Management

Account-based Marketing

Personalized Marketing



Productivity Tools

Employee Engagement

Client/Partner Service Support

Business Intelligence

Lifecycle Contract Management



For Department of Defense

Talent Management

Patient Relationship Management

Productivity Tools

Recruiting and Compliance

Supplier Relationship Management

For State

State Case Management

Salesforce Licensing

Government Cloud Wave

Salesforce Government HHS (Human & Health Services) Case Management

State Contact Center

Workforce Development

Engagement Center

For City

Mobile Connectivity

Automated Workflows

Client Self-Service

Shared Communication Platform

Mobile Case Management

Pre-configured Business Processes for HHS Sector

Custom App Development



For Security & Compliance

Support and Compliance with FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program)

Support and Compliance with various U.S. Department of Defense security requirements

Support and Compliance with iRAP (Information Security Registered Assessors Program)

Case Management & Contact Center

Salesforce Government Cloud empowers public sector employees with the required visibility to effortlessly and quickly provide remedial measures and the agility required to provide better services. By providing amicable solutions to employees and agents with a unified view of the constituents, you'll be able to offer more impactful services through our expert consulting and implementation services.

Self-service Portals & Communities

Today's tech-savvy customers and users expect and deserve a great self-help experience. Let government customers leverage Salesforce community portals to track status, request service, and collaborate with service providers on the most suited and practical channel for them. Fundamentally transform mission delivery in line with the instantaneous, personalized, and convenient standard that customers expect.


Healthcare software and Salesforce Health Cloud are transforming healthcare, especially in today's challenging times, by creating and nurturing stronger relationships between patients, healthcare providers, and payers - and between the providers themselves. Empower caregivers through Salesforce for healthcare to help them view patients as valued customers and users who have choices on whom they would like to trust with their health and of their families. Patient management software from Salesforce truly transforms healthcare experiences.

Application Development Platform

Let the redundant and legacy systems be a thing of the bygone days. With Salesforce Government Cloud, you can easily transform your 'technical debt' into innovative, relevant, and out-of-the-box opportunities. Empower your IT teams, system integrators, and line-of-business leads to build engaging apps fast while improving their performance and creating sustainable value for the stakeholders. Salesforce CRM Government Cloud helps agencies nurture stronger connections between citizens, employees, governments, services, and the information they all need.

Why Choose Cloud Analogy?

The well-defined application infrastructure and services portfolio of Cloud Analogy caters to a wide range of business sectors and industries, including the Government. Government Cloud experts at Cloud Analogy have the expertise as well as the access to resources to integrate seamless solutions while delivering and implementing a host of applications. Implementing a public-centric approach to efficiently meet and even exceed the specific requirements of public and semi-public is at the core of Cloud Analogy’s mission. Our Government Cloud solutions are tailored to meet the critical requirements of the public sector.

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Salesforce Government Cloud provides cost-efficient, scalable solutions for governments across the world. Our teams of Government Cloud specialists help you access the best of Government CRM from Salesforce for meeting mandates, driving efficiencies, reducing costs, and improving innovation.

As Salesforce Government Cloud Infrastructure continues to mature, public and semi-public sector entities can expect many more opportunities to enhance the value and quality of their IT investments.

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