Customer Success Stories

Cloud Analogy exceeded my high expectations. Their seamless and user-friendly approach to implementing Zoho CRM impressed me. They were transparent, accommodating, and patient throughout the process, making numerous changes without hassle. They explained everything clearly, ensuring we were on the same page. In the end, they delivered the desired solution. Working with Cloud Analogy was straightforward and satisfying. I highly recommend their professional and customer-centric services. Thank you, Cloud Analogy, for your outstanding support!

Deepika Ramnath

Solar Link

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We are highly impressed with the work delivered by Cloud Analogy. Our experience working with their team has been nothing short of amazing. Collaborating with a team with high-level intelligence and a great attitude is refreshing. Whenever we had a request, they promptly fulfilled it, even at odd hours, and always with a smile. The problem-solving capabilities and the ability to find practical solutions were genuinely outstanding. We highly recommend Cloud Analogy for its exceptional work ethic and remarkable problem-solving skills.

Haim Klainman


Working with Cloud Analogy has been an exceptional experience. Their expertise in technology platforms and ability to deliver outstanding tasks has been invaluable to our projects. The seamless interactions, progress meetings, and reports ensured smooth collaboration. They consistently met deadlines and displayed excellent leadership. We highly recommend Cloud Analogy for its unmatched professionalism and dedication to client satisfaction.

Josh Easton & Ivy Chiu

Property Credit

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The cloud analogy has been an invaluable partner in our e-commerce and marketing strategy endeavours. Their work is outstanding, and we've experienced great synergy and smooth communication. We are delighted with the results and look forward to recommending them to others. We are excited to collaborate on our next project!

Miguel Angel Vazuez Carranza

Punto Commerce

Cloud Analogy has been instrumental in our organization's success. Their team's exceptional support and expertise have exceeded our expectations. They seamlessly handled urgent requirements and delivered outstanding results. I highly recommend Cloud Analogy to other non-profit organizations. Thank you for the exceptional service!

Sreekanth Jakkaraju

Sustainable Alliance

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Delighted with the quality of work, faster pace of project delivery, clarity on every minor and significant point, and quick estimation from Cloud Analogy’s team. Moreover, the overall response from the client was positive for the hard work and dedication the team of Cloud Analogy invested and plunked down. They were able to satisfy the requirements in every aspect. We are not just satisfied, but we take pride in collaborating with one of the best CRM consulting companies. We were thrilled to see how they faced the challenge and introduced new and better ways to help businesses our business succeed.

Rajesh Bhattad


The Cloud Analogy team was highly passionate and dedicated towards their work, and that helped our business expand from a small-rapidly growing investing firm. We are aroused by the work delivery and complement the skillsets of our team, like a quick grasp of understanding, problem-solver, innovation, etc. The team members worked as a motivated and inspired team to offer innovative, personalized, and practical solutions and successfully fulfill project requirements within our budget.

Josie Risinger

Life Bridge Capital

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Our team and company's leadership are highly pleased with Cloud Analogy's final output. Our clients are important to us, and keeping every minor detail in mind, you impressed us with the exceptional skills the team of Cloud Analogy owes. Our company needed help with the best salesforce-focused background, and while researching, I found Cloud Analogy. Though initially, I was a bit skeptical about them, trusting the team was the best I could do for my organization. It was a brilliant experience, and I would love to work with you again.

Francesco Gabbi

Community Building Solutions

The team was a great help to my organization, and they mainly focused on the client's need for Salesforce. Thank Cloud Analogy for being the fruitful reason for my personal as well as the growth of my company. I highly appreciate your communication, proactive working, and time management skills. Throughout the project, they served us with the good and best, proving that they have the best quality and affordability when it comes to delivering CRM services.

Damon Dider

Win At Ecommerce

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tiffany (1)
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