Elevate student experiences with Salesforce Education Cloud.

Find out how Cloud Analogy can help you create more value with Salesforce Education Cloud.

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At Cloud Analogy, we work with some of the finest and most prominent educational institutions, including but not limited to public and private vocational schools; community colleges; online colleges, preschool, primary/elementary, secondary, and postsecondary/higher schools and colleges; research communities – academia and universities; research institutes; technical institutes and professional schools; and more to provide continuous support and implement seamless Salesforce integration to become their higher education Salesforce implementation partner.

Benefits Of Salesforce Education Cloud

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Stay connected with existing supporters

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Spot at-risk students as well as deploy help

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Increase productivity and efficiency

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Meet recruitment and admission goals

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Enhance the collaboration of students, staff, and faculty

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Track progress and generate reports with dashboards

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Boost alumni engagement, including career mentorship

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Add live chat and engagement

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Recruitment and admission

Streamline everything from promotional activities to student recruiting, enrollments, admission, and on-boarding.

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Drive Student

Cultivate a strong culture and student community within your educational institution for student welfare and success.

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Maximize Alumni Lifetime Value

Build fruitful, lasting alumni relationships to increase fundraising and awareness for your educational institution.

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Learning management solution

Leverage unified student services, from career services to student engagement, and manage them anytime from anywhere.

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Build Connected Student Experiences

Optimizing student interactions on social media by delivering personalized content and offering measured impact powered by Einstein Insights.

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Cultivate Campus Collaboration

Facilitate Organizational intelligence to stimulate consistent participation to provide a seamless experience across all channels.

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Let the Cloud Analogy team guide you on creating the ultimate 1:1 student experience with Salesforce Education Cloud.

Our teams of Salesforce Education Cloud can even help you access innovative ways on how Education Cloud for K-12 empowers schools and districts of all sizes to proactively engage key constituents and drive student success.

The teams of Salesforce Education Cloud specialists at Cloud Analogy help schools, associations, colleges, and universities leverage Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture (EDA), the foundation of the Education Cloud, with intuitive and invaluable tools, strategies, processes, and methodologies that are designed with a predefined purpose to help educational institutions meet their goals and optimize their Salesforce environments.

We take great pride in the fact that Cloud Analogy is one of the very few Salesforce Education Cloud Development Companies and Salesforce Education Cloud Implementation Partners that provide capability with and commitment to the comprehensive Salesforce suite, including Sales Cloud, Education Cloud (HEDA and Salesforce Advisor Link), Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Service Cloud, and Einstein Analytics.

The professional assistance offered by our Salesforce Education Cloud Consultants and Salesforce Education Cloud Developers help you create a personalized student lifecycle journey. Our Salesforce Education Cloud Consultancy, Salesforce Education Cloud Development, and Salesforce Education Cloud Implementation practices are distinguished by the depth of experience of our consultants across higher education business processes, the Salesforce and out-of-the-box Marketing Cloud platform, and the Connected Campus vision. 

Choose Cloud Analogy now to hire Salesforce Education Cloud Consultants and Salesforce Education Cloud Developers to maximize recruitment efforts and prospect engagement, support ongoing constituent engagement and fundraising, improve student service and success, and configure Salesforce to support Corporate Relations and Executive Education.

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Out-of-the-box Salesforce implementation and Managed Services for higher education services, solutions, and capabilities offered by Cloud Analogy’s team of Salesforce Education Cloud experts help you not only meet but surpass your goals! Hire best Salesforce Education Cloud Consultants and Salesforce Education Cloud Developers by choosing Cloud Analogy now!

With the power of Salesforce Education Cloud, let us be more ready than ever for the future of higher education. Let us foster community-driven innovation and reimagine the student experience.

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