Cross-platform App Development

Deliver cross-platform apps to reduce development cost

The cross-platform app development services offer the primary benefit of writing the code once and employ it on multiple platforms. It allows you to save 40 % of your development cost.

Cross-platform App Development Company

Reduce the time-to-market with cross-platform app

The highly experienced team of cross-platform developers at Cloud Analogy have the ability to develop feature-rich and quality apps. These developers are proficient in technologies such as CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5 and write clean and compact code using these technologies.

We specialize in every aspect of cross-platform app development services, right from requirements gathering, designing, coding, implementation services up to the support and maintenance. Agile development methodologies are employed by the team to develop apps with reduced time-frame and reach clients all over the world.

Why Choose Us for Cross-platform Apps?

close to native ui

Close-to-Native UI/UX

We develop curated cross-platform apps that resemble the look and feel of native apps.

faster development time

Faster Development Time

We adopt Agile development methodologies for faster development time and reaches the market earlier.

Highly experienced team

Highly Experienced team

We handpick the team of developers at Cloud Analogy, who are highly experienced - in various cross-platform development technologies.

lesser time to market

Lesser time to Market

We create cross-platform apps that have lesser time-to-market.

use of powerful mobile frameworks

Powerful Mobile Frameworks

Our developers make use of powerful mobile backend frameworks of the likes of Embed.js, jQuery and Sencha.

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