Salesforce Integration Services

Seamlessly connect complex systems and automate business processes; achieve cost reduction and efficiently control assets with Salesforce Integration Services from Cloud Analogy.

Integrate for Seamless Data Flow

Control Better, Drive Value

We enable you to sync data better and allow the seamless flow of data among different systems and applications within your business. When systems or applications run on different platforms, there is a critical need for better data sharing among them for increased performance. Our experienced Salesforce professionals, with the use of Salesforce data integration tools, will connect all your data and enable you to have a unified view of your customer. We combine our expertise in Salesforce with our middleware experience to integrate complex data systems to provide you with a 360-degree customer overview. By streamlining data flow, we empower your business with valuable insights on customer data and strengthen your business decisions. Our end-to-end comprehensive Salesforce Integration services are cut-out to deliver the best results with increased productivity.

We Deliver Following Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce Integration brings together all your disparate third-party systems creating enhanced customer engagement and improved employee experiences. As your Salesforce Integration Partner, implementing effective governance for your business processes through seamless integration is our goal. We help you achieve enhanced operational control building a unified view of your customer.  

ERP Integration – Get 360 View

Achieve cross-departmental cooperation by integrating Salesforce with your ERP system. Enable better work alignment between your sales and resource management teams. With smooth data flow, you can plan your procurements, enable faster dealing with customers and take smarter and informed decisions.

Accounting Integration - Complete Finance Visibility

Gain comprehensive visibility of your business accounting system. Our proven capabilities in accounting integration will help you increase business productivity, manage your finances better, create financial reports, and improve forecasts with data-driven insights.

Social Media Integration

Personalized services best deliver outstanding customer experience. Take advantage of valuable market intelligence and manage customer engagement across platforms. Gain extensive customer insights that help your sales reps track the social activities of the prospects.

Phone system Integration for Closures

Improve call management by integrating your phone system with Salesforce. We help in using Salesforce to not only track your leads but make telephonic calls to your prospects and customers. We use tools such as open Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) tools and telephony service provider APIs to integrate your CTI system with Salesforce.

Unify Buying experience with E-commerce Integration

Stay connected to customers with relevant real-time information; reduce inconsistencies with cleaner data. Increase revenue per customer by enhanced demand forecast and improved inventory management. Enable better cross-selling and upselling of your products to your customers across various channels and touchpoints.

Features of Salesforce Integration

Email Integration

The performance of your customer service teams will increase with no time wasted on data logging. Integrate Salesforce with your email suite. Improve your sales rep productivity by helping them keep track of the crucial customer conversations, and have targeted and meaningful communications with prospects and customers.

Marketing Automation

Integrate your Sales and marketing teams to provide consistent customer experience. Salesforce Marketing automation drives sales by connecting with your customers at the right time and closing more deals. Enable easy exchange of data between your sales and marketing teams to nurture and connect with the right leads, run targeted marketing campaigns and personalize buying experiences.

System Integration

Collaborate with popular document management systems like SharePoint, Microsoft Office by integrating Salesforce with them. It reduces your time spent on looking for content by switching back and forth the disparate systems. Manage, secure and enable smoother businesses processes by making all your enterprise documents available in a single interface. Provide more flexibility to your employees.

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