Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Solutions

Grow your business and boost your productivity with Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration.


Why Opt for Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Solutions?

Offer Seamless, Personalized Journey for Every Customers

We offer seamless and personalized experiences for the buyers, by the connection of data across sales, marketing, service and B2B commerce. We can help you to track every part of the journey for our customers. Choose world's best Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration provider to transform your business.

Progress with Salesforce App by Accessing Information, Anywhere

Tap all your meaningful Sales Cloud data with the power of a mobile app. Enable a Salesforce Mobile App and access and fully take the advantage of vital information such as intervals between meetings etc. Hire certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration now to get the best of Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration solutions!

Enhance the Productivity of Your Employees

The Sales Cloud Services enable your employees to meaningfully devote their time towards focussing on sales and not on the painfully, mundane administrative tasks. Choose the best Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation services by selecting Cloud Analogy - the world's favorite Salesforce Implementation Partner and Salesforce Implementation Expert!

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Services


Custom Solution Development

The expert Sales Cloud Consultants at Cloud Analogy offer customized solutions with Sales Cloud that addresses the unique challenges faced by your business - thereby ensuring to exactly match your requirements. Hire certified Salesforce Implementation Experts now!


Migration to Sales Cloud

Our teams of certified Salesforce experts will guide your organization ready to migrate from your existing system to Salesforce Sales Cloud. They will migrate all your leads, contacts, opportunities and accounts to the Sales Cloud.


Migration to Salesforce Lightning

The certified Salesforce experts at Cloud Analogy will ensure to set the pace of Lightning experience. The experts at Cloud Analogy will bring their years of experience in managing the Lightning Migration for your organization. Choose experienced Salesforce Implementation Experts now!


CPQ Integration

We can streamline your configure, price, quote process (CPQ) and drive an unprecedented growth for your business. It increases the efficiency of your Sales reps and thereby forms an inherent part of building a successful, multi-channel, global selling strategy for your organization.


Integration of Sales Cloud

The certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Consultants make sure to integrate Sales Cloud with your existing technology platform. This ensures that these technologies work collaboratively to obtain the desired results for your business. Choose best Salesforce Implementation Services and Salesforce integration solutions now!


Sales Cloud Analytics

The Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration experts at Cloud Analogy will improve sales predictions in advance with Sales Cloud Analytics by using Einstein. You can target the right leads by the automated tasks performed by the Sales reps. Einstein provides meaningful insights for closing better deals for your organization.

Why Choose Cloud Analogy For Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration?

Choose Cloud Analogy for the following reasons:

Offers innovative customer service across devices - anywhere and anytime.

Collaborates between the Sales and Marketing teams for a 1:1, personalized journey with the customer.

Increases lead generation, close deals and improve the ROI of your business by informed decisions, accessing the data with Sales Cloud, from laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

Minimizes operational costs and increases time-to-market your products by acceleration of CRM transformational initiatives.

Eliminates manual tasks that help to increase efficiency with actionable insights.

Manages effectively the end-to-end process for your Sales Team with the essential tools that accompany Sales Cloud.


Benefits Offered By Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

Save the Valuable Time for Your Sales Rep

It is of primary importance to save valuable time of your Sales Reps. You can embrace Automation for the manual tasks of your Sales team. Manage your workflows and processes with point-and-click tools. This in turn enables them to take the right actions, that too at an appropriate time. Get the best of Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation services.

Drive Innovation with the Salesforce Mobile Apps

Driving innovation is the key to the success of any business. Build a custom Salesforce application that automates your business process and improves the productivity of your employees. Extend the Sales Cloud by incorporating Salesforce Lightning into your applications. Hire certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Consultants now! Choose industry-leading Salesforce Implementation Partner and Salesforce Implementation Expert now!

Encash AI-powered tools to Move Forward Deals

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool of Sales Cloud’s Einstein ensures your Sales Team to sell smartly, integrated across the entire Sales process. Your sales reps emerge as ultimate winners with the instant insights and proactive coaching with the predictive forecasting capabilities. Access top Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation services from the most trusted Salesforce Implementation Expert and Salesforce Implementation Partner.

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