Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Create and Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services from Cloud Analogy enable you to drive personalized and data-driven marketing. Deliver personalized consumer engagement with this integrated consumer engagement platform – that scales across all channels web, mobile, email, social, and digital advertising using the best of Marketing Cloud Salesforce.


Tools for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Identify new customers or nurture the existing customers with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant to connect with customers across all channels. Address the marketing needs of your organization by SFDC Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer could help your business to grow exponentially.

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Salesforce Data Studio

It is a Marketing Cloud Salesforce product to enable the customers, to expand their reach and discover brand new audiences. Manage Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) since the publishers and data owners are often reluctant to share data that marketers are so keen to access. Offer a secure environment through SFDC Marketing Cloud with Data Studio, to solve - full control data owners with . Access more targeted audience by the marketers with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

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Email Studio

This Marketing Cloud Salesforce product sends personalized email, tailored messages at a scale to the customers and build higher customer engagement by using customizable email templates. Segment, automate, and target your customers- based on the data that is gathered from this. Enable to judge the performance of emails - by tracking the email analytics such as the open rates. Offer A/B testing of emails.

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Mobile Studio

Customers love to receive useful push messages on their mobile devices, Send the right message, at the right time - irrespective of the location, with this Salesforce Marketing Cloud product. Send push messages or SMS based on location, proximity and events. Increase customer engagement. Direct personalized push notifications towards various customer segments with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant..

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Salesforce DMP

This Salesforce Marketing Cloud product is a data management platform (DMP) that helps to capture and analyze the consumer data. Capture and store data across all customer touch points. Offer data at a massive scale and organize the data for the marketers. Create instructions by generating valuable insights for the targeted audience. Increase customer engagement and subsequently higher revenue with this data-driven strategy.

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Journey Builder

Create and automate a coordinated customer journey around emails, triggers, mobile and advertising - based on data points such as customer behaviors, preferences, and others. Enable to map the journey undertaken by the customer and make adjustments to the customer’s path based on current and the predicted behavior. Customize the journeys to respond to opening of emails, purchases and clicks of the customers with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer.

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Interaction Studio

Capture all possible customer interactions in the real-time with Interaction Studio across all customer touch points. Deliver contextually relevant experiences across all channels. React to the real-time behavior of the consumers as they interact with online (email, social and mobile ) the offline (in-store and kiosks) channels, owned by the brand. Update individual customer engagement profiles with real-time actions. Provide the best experience in the form of discounts, promotions, and others, as the consumer engages with the brand.

Why Cloud Analogy?

Drive Individual Customer Journeys, track with Predictive Analytics

Guide Individual Customer Journeys

Marketers are immensely benefited by listening to the customers - gathering information on what all are done by the targets and what they are likely to do. Create personalized customer interactions. Use the Journey Builder to listen to the customers and set off actions based on triggers and guides individual customer journeys with the help of personalized messages. Deliver more relevant content by the marketers.

Track Customer Preferences with Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a useful tool to shape the customer experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Assess the past behavioral pattern of the customer with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant and predict future actions. Decide on what the customer is expected to subsequently do, with this past behavior. Send relevant messages by the marketers on any sale of items, if the customers is in the habit of buying from sale of items, Evoke the right response from them based on your preferences.

Delivers Content Based on Customer Health

Ensure that the marketers send messages to the customers based on their customer satisfaction levels. There is no point in sending renewal requests for subscriptions to an irate customer. Suspend all activities until a complex issue is solved and then resume sending messages to enhance customer satisfaction level, since there is always a resolution of the issue in hand. Drive individual customer journey with the marketer based on this sentiment.

Main Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Execute email campaigns, create customized journeys, and track customer actions.

Seamlessly Track Every Customer Action

Track customer actions across all channels, email, web, mobile and social with advanced web marketing tools. Drive customer engagement with personalized content. Use Web personalization for customized content on the dynamic web pages - based on individual consumers. Harness explicit and implicit behavioral data for targeted product recommendations, and discount offers.

Create Scalable, Personalized Experience

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides individual customer journeys across a wide range of channels - sales, marketing, and services. Create unified brand identity, ensure that the customer has seamless experience, irrespective of the channel or the brand. Map the customer journey, setting priorities for each step of the strategy - right from increasing customer engagement with real-time interactions up to A/B testing of email contents.

Run a Sophisticated Email Campaign

Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer could help you with all the necessary. Include features such as drag-and-drop capability with content recommendations based on native Predictive Intelligence. Use mobile-optimized email templates. Create personalized experience with JavaScript, AMPscript, and dynamic content.

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