Salesforce CPQ Services

Automate your CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) processes with out-of-the-box Salesforce CPQ services from Cloud Analogy. Work anywhere, anytime and across a wide array of devices. Improve productivity and enhance the probability of closing more deals for your organization

Salesforce CPQ Services from Cloud Analogy

Apply customization rules and pricing with Salesforce CPQ Services from Cloud Analogy and streamline the quoting process. Deliver quotes in a timely manner. Make quotes, accurately and quickly and collaborate across all departments in your organization. Streamline all your processes by integrating CPQ with a system say ERP and connect between operations and sales. Increase the efficiency of your sales team by CPQ implementation. Set your revenue to soaring heights with CPQ and save more for your organization

Why Salesforce CPQ?

Render proven benefits to increase revenue and decrease costs with Salesforce CPQ. Establish standardization across the entire length and breadth of your organization with CPQ – with formalized pricing and rules

Save valuable time by accurate & faster quotes
Set standards firmly in place across departments
Devote time for clients by increased efficiency of Sales team
Attain effective and profitable sales processes

Our Salesforce CPQ Services

Sell smarter with CPQ Services, tailored as per the needs of your organization. Automate your quotes, manage pricing and close your deals faster with Salesforce CPQ Services from Cloud Analogy. Ride on our CPQ services to stay above your competitors. Utilize the sales optimization tools of CPQ, up to the fullest and reap benefits for increasing the ROI of your business. Bring revolution in the discount and pricing processes and extract the best possible results with CPQ

CPQ Configuration

Salesforce CPQ Configuratrion

Create automation of manual processes, configuration of the system based on the unique requirements of your business with our adept Salesforce experts.

CPQ Consultation

Salesforce CPQ Consultation

Evaluate the effectiveness of Salesforce CPQ for your business with our Salesforce certified experts and show you ways to attain your business objectives.

CPQ Maintenance

Salesforce CPQ Maintenance

Eliminate the need for an expensive in-house team with our Salesforce CPQ maintenance services. Ensure reliable, secure and optimized services for API updates.

CPQ Customization

Salesforce CPQ Customization

Render highly customized Salesforce CPQ Services, create quote templates as per your branding guidelines, with the experienced professionals at Cloud Analogy Bring transparency into pricing and discount processes.

CPQ Implementation

Salesforce CPQ Implementation

We have a team of qualified, dynamic experts with sophisticated expertise and in-depth knowledge in quote-to-cash processes for some of the complex implementation projects.

cpq integration

Salesforce CPQ Integration

Cloud Analogy has a strong track record on implementation of Salesforce CPQ Integration services. We ensure secure and reliable transfer of data between CPQ and the financial/billing process of your organization.

Why Cloudanalogy?

Deliver quotes at a faster rate, taking into account discount rules and bulk pricing, removing the pain points of pricing. Salesforce CPQ services from Cloud Analogy has a much wider reach and increase the efficiency of the entire organization with CPQ deployment.

Grow Profit Margins for your Organization

Save your valuable time with fast and accurate quotes from CPQ  to perform meaningful activities for your business. Act beneficial for the entire organization, not just the sales department, using CPQ analytics to determine product trends. Grow your profit margins and revenue with our CPQ services in the following ways:

Remove need for retraining sales team with replication of best practices of sales
Increase the retention of sales staff
Enhance bottom line for your business with successful sales team and effortless quotes.
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