AngularJS Development Services

Get robust, scalable web and mobile applications developed with remarkable customization by the experienced team of Angular JS developers from Cloud Analogy.  We are a leading web applications development company with hands-on experience in Angular JS development services providing cross-platform, secure and feature-rich solutions for your complex business requirements.  

Angular JS Development Services

Our full-stack Angular JS Development services will drive value to your business with outstanding web and mobile applications.

Cloud Analogy has a dedicated team of qualified Angular JS developers to craft single page, cross-platform applications with dynamic and user-friendly front end. As a JavaScript open-source front-end framework, Angular JS, maintained by Google, aims to simplify development and testing of applications with model–view–controller (MVC) architecture. It brings the server-side services to the client-side web applications. Our services extend to a wide range of customer requirements – dashboards, custom widgets or creating reusable HTML components for your website and provide seamless experience enhancing ROI.

Custom Website

Our established competencies in Angular JS enable us to design and develop customized and impressive business-centric mobile-friendly web apps with increased user engagement.

Web Portal Development

We develop interactive web portals using AngularJS technology. You can accomplish attractive portal with customizable floating panels.

Feature-rich E-commerce site

We develop user-friendly and feature-rich e-commerce sites that provide seamless experience across multiple devices with AngularJS development.

Mobile application development

Multi-functional, feature-rich excellent mobile application development is one of many Angular JS development services that our developers specialize.

Interactive Plug-in Development

We develop effective plug-ins using AngularJS framework for the development of AngularJS applications to cater to various business needs.

User-friendly UI/ UX development

We create user-friendly UI/ UX development solutions with appealing aesthetics for cross-platform, seamless interaction with your customers.

Cloud Analogy – With you in your Growth

We are one of the trusted web development companies with quality services being one of the many attributes that set us apart. We fully use the notable features of AngularJS such as Two Way Data Binding, and regular DOM to build real-time applications in the AngularJS development. Besides our impeccable project execution, we have successfully delivered business value to our customers across the globe. We,

Specialize in developing fully-functional web and mobile applications

Experienced professionals in AngularJS related technologies

Develop world-class solutions with high-quality UI/UX

Deliver efficient and flexible solutions with timely delivery

Superior support and maintenance services

Use various Angular JS tools and develop sophisticated and scalable solutions


Full-stack solutions

Full-stack solutions

We provide full-stack AngularJS solutions that are most suited for dynamic web applications giving you the features of flexibility and scalability.


Easy Integration

Easy Integration

We enable easy and secure integration with third-party frameworks and tools to leverage AngularJS applications for the developers.


Fully-tested Products

Fully-tested Products

We ensure the Angular applications developed by us are fully-tested for any errors, and our final products are bug-free.


Delivering Quality

Delivering Quality

We create amazing web applications based on AngularJS; we deliver quality services by providing end-to-end solutions to our clients.

Advantages of AngularJS Development

Two-way Data Binding

It offers synchronization between the model and view, and avoids the need to actively manipulate the DOM – enhancing the performance of your website. It makes the front-end of the application layer effortless with cleaner UI.

MVC Components

Unlike other frameworks where you need to string the MVC components together, Angular manages the MVC components impeccably well. It asks you to split the app into MVC components and will do the rest – acting as a pipeline to connect them.

Dependency Injection

AngularJS utilizes dependency injection to bring view dependent controllers on the server-side services to the client-side application development; thus, reducing the burden of the server-side.


For single page applications, Routing is essential for the transition from one view to another. AngularJS makes it remarkably easy and efficient to load the appropriate view in the page of a particular URL. Thus, users are not directed to a new page every time they click on the menu.

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