Banking, Financial & Insurance Services

Engage Customers with Exceed Expectations

Transform the Banking, Financial and Insurance (BFSI) organizations with Salesforce CRM Solutions. Simplify business process automation and drastically reduce the cost of building a new system. Derive smart insights and exceed all expectations. Offer personalized experience for the clients across a range of devices.  

Cloud Analogy in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance(BFSI)

Powerful Solutions that Our Clients Can Count On.

Drive the Transformation of Your Business with our Salesforce CRM Capabilities.

Deliver the expectations of today’s connected clients with the three pillars of Salesforce solutions from Cloud Analogy – personalized outreach, smart insights, and goal-based planning, all delivered whenever needed. Leave a positive and lasting impact on the ROI of your business, as it makes sense to take a prudent decision to invest in Cloud for the BFSI companies. Collaborate on social feeds, track opportunities and close more deals with our Salesforce solution.

Why Salesforce is necessary for BFSI?

The banking, financial and insurance (BSFI) organizations are increasingly adopting Cloud technologies for proactive insights. Deliver world-class Salesforce solutions for the global clients for the BFSI companies. Transform the customer management system of BFSI organizations with Salesforce solutions to increase the ROI of your business.

Offer a Digital Experience

Create a Digital experience with Salesforce solutions to easily drive effortless engagements for customers in real-time and across a wide range of devices.

Render Faster Services

Simplify the business processes with instant access to information in a centralized location with Salesforce and deliver exceptional and faster services.

Deliver Personalized Services

Deliver personalized services for your global clients with Salesforce tools and track new opportunities or close more deals as well streamline service requests.

Streamline Client Engagement with Secure Collaboration

Count on Salesforce for a secure and seamless collaboration and streamline the client engagement process for the BFSI organizations.

Serve Smart Services with Customer Intelligence

Serve the esteemed clients of your organization with rich customer intelligence from Salesforce and create trustworthy relations with them to address all their needs.

What are the Benefits?

Build higher engagement with clients smart insights to build a customized, personalized journey and exceed all their expectations from your services. Focus on customer satisfaction with each and every interaction that you have with your clients. Extend conversations and meet all the needs of your valuable clients.


Challenges and Opportunities

Leverage the effectiveness of a Salesforce solution and increase the market share of the BFSI organizations with an increase in the ROI for their businesses. Promote loyalty from your clients with Salesforce Analytics and identify the factors that hamper the growth of your organization.

Identify Opportunities

Employ Salesforce Analytics to identify opportunities for the BFSI companies and optimize the cost.

Deliver Better Products and Services

Deliver better products and services by reaping the innumerable advantages of Salesforce products and solutions.

Increase Sales Volume

Improve Sales and the market share for your BFSI company with Salesforce solutions and build on the ROI for your business.

Digital Solutions for BFSI Industry

Transform BFSI businesses, digitally and offer an altogether novel way to interact with the clients. Leverage the power of Salesforce technology and provide with unified teams and data for the clients – to ensure greater collaboration and transparency.

Financial Services Cloud Solution

Connect systems, processes, teams around your customers with the Financial Services Cloud for an 360-degree view of your clients.

Salesforce end-to-end Solutions

Render end-to-end Digital transformation services and reaching out to newer markets with Salesforce.

Salesforce IoT

Stay ahead of your competitors with Salesforce IoT solutions to detect business events requiring attention and improve customer outcome.

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