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What’s New In Salesforce Service And Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce has announced a wide range of new features for its Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. These innovations include new AI-powered conversational intelligence, mobile offline access to relevant information, and Google for telephony that take customer engagement to the next level.

With the new Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud features, marketers and service teams would build more personalized experiences that nurture lifelong customer relationships across multiple industries.

The new Salesforce Service Cloud features include:

1. Contact Lens for Amazon Connect provides advanced conversational transcription for the longest phone calls, real-time sentiment analysis, & supervisor alerts that drive better coaching for service agents. AWS Contact Lens will be supported for Service Cloud Voice users with Amazon Connect.

2. Service, Google Cloud, and Genesys partnership will offer customers more choice while using the Cloud Voice Service and enable AI-based recommendations and automated workflows for their teams.

The new telephone connectors from Google Cloud and Genesys help businesses integrate phone and customer data, automate call transcription and logs, and enable agents to receive real-time suggestions during customer calls.

The new Salesforce Field Service features include:

1. Offline Briefcase The Salesforce Field Service App includes a multi-level offline briefcase for in-person service calls to access the necessary records offline.

2. New visual remote assistant for customer support lets customers schedule virtual support sessions in advance using augmented reality from their mobile phones. Agents can point and draw on their phones and guide customers in one-on-one sessions to help them know what is going on and efficiently solve their problems.

The new Customer Data Platform In Marketing Cloud features include:

1. Streaming Insights and Data Actions Marketers can capture near real-time data alerts, e.g., a new customer, a recent product transaction, or a payment issue, to trigger workflow events.

2. Advanced Identity Resolution You can now match and merge disparate data for better customer identification using AI. Duplicate fields (such as Address, email, or phone) or records with names with multiple spellings/nicknames can be merged.

3. Anonymous Profiles – allows marketers to track customers in anonymous states and then connect that data history to their profiles as they become known.

Salesforce has also announced new intelligence features in Marketing Cloud, including Intelligence Reports for Engagement to help marketers evaluate email performance by device, client, OS, and browser and optimize new KPIs for conversions, clicks by link, bounce types, unsubscribes, complaints, and more,

Service Cloud Voice Genesys connector, Service Cloud Voice Integration with AWS Contact Lens, and Field Service Multi-Level Offline Briefcase will be available this summer. Customer Data Platform features, Intelligence features, and Visual Remote Assistant self-scheduling are generally available.

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