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Convert More Customers

Connect with customers anywhere, anytime with E-commerce solutions from Cloud Analogy. Create unified, innovative digital commerce experiences. The intelligent, personalized shopping experiences across a wide array of platforms- social, mobile and web.

Cloud Analogy in E-commerce Services

Increase Conversion Rate of Customers.

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Enhance Customer Loyalty with AI-powered recommendations.

Our E-commerce solutions offer seamless experience for shoppers. Build and launch innovative campaigns at a faster rate, with no technical support. Create a truly unified customer journey, connecting Commerce Cloud with sales, marketing, and services. Harness the AI-power of Einstein Product Recommendations for personalized product suggestions, as per the needs of individual users. Our services enable you to manage multiple E-commerce sites. We ensure you with the best customer experience with streamlined order management processes.

Why Salesforce is necessary for E-commerce?

Mobile-first Capabilities

Adopt mobile commerce with mobile-first capabilities such as data-driven UX, responsive design and one-touch payment.

Accelerate Customer Service

Enable the service agents to offer over-the-phone orders by real-time access to digital storefronts and order history.

Offer Type-ahead Guidance

Offer Personalized real-time suggestions to each and every shopper with type-ahead guidance with Einstein Recommendations.

Build Feature-rich Storefronts

Use the power of Storefront Reference Architecture, an out-of-the-box website framework to build feature-rich storefronts, at a faster rate.

What are the Benefits?

Covert more shoppers by predicting their needs and providing the right content, everywhere on the website. Quickly launch new brands and manage all relevant to your sites – from a single location. Use the power of predictive intelligence to grow revenues, based on recommendations.

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Challenges and Opportunities

Customers clamor for easier ways to shop, transact, select and pay.  Stay ahead of competitors by analyzing the challenges and opportunities of E-commerce services. The mobile commerce capabilities of E-commerce solutions offer flexible payment methods for an edge over competitors.

Minimize Risks and Costs

The technical complexities of international markets and the risks and costs can be reduced by the use of secure, borderless infrastructure.

Unify Products, Pricing and Catalogs

Offer a centralized view of products and pricing across multiple languages, currencies and sites with simplified form of merchandising

Optimize Conversion Funnel

Improve abandonment of carts by adopting best practices such as saved carts, payment accelerators, and optimized checkout flows.

Incorporate Advanced Logic

Create advanced logic for B2B commerce for special discounts to loyal clients or exclusive discounts on specific product lines.

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