Customer Relation / Engagement Manager

The efficient team at Cloud Analogy perfectly understands the importance to establish a meaningful relationship with the clients. Along with this, they understand the importance of metrics to track, measure and optimize the groups. The role that is played by the engagement managers is to strengthen partnership with the clients. They are responsible for managing meetings as well as scheduling the same meetings. Their goal is the resolution of conflict.

As one of the primary responsibilities of engagement managers is in the management of large teams of project members, the people who act in this role tend to be strong in communication, easily approachable and high on diplomatic skill sets. It is absolutely vital to manage time and resources to be successful in such roles. They are also responsible to track the progress of these groups, developing methods to improve productivity. These are the people who increase operational efficiency by developing and implementing process and procedures. The team manages the customer service rendered, dealing directly with the clients. They are responsible for managing all the cross-functional work areas, attempting to resolve all customer related issues.

Deepali Kulshrestha

Suraj Tripathi

Sachin Arora

Ajay Dubedi

Nitish Bhardwaj

Akshay Dhiman

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