Sustainability Cloud

The challenges have become clear and more difficult than ever: the need for reliable and affordable energy supplies; the need for clean air and water; the reality of climate change; reduced supply of fossil fuels; and the health crisis that is currently affecting the global economy.

At Cloud Analogy, we follow two approaches:

we strive hard to make our existing products and processes more efficient and environmentally friendly for both the environment and for business, while also focusing on new innovations that help our beautiful world drive economic and operational improvements, become smarter, minimise environmental impact, increase accountability, and reduce our carbon footprints.

Enable you to grow your understanding of your business through invaluable insights into the environmental impact. Gain real-time access to data-driven insights to accelerate the world’s efforts towards carbon neutrality.

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Reduce emissions with strong and deep analytics

Seamlessly analyse the daunting task of carbon emissions from energy consumption and company travel. Calculate the energy use and carbon footprint of an organisation’s IT applications, empowered by Salesforce's trusted, seamless, and secure data platform.

Better decision making with actionable insights

Prove your business's commitment to carbon-conscious and sustainable practices before your customers, employees, and potential investors by providing a clear picture of your energy usage patterns.

Tackle carbon accounting audits

Enable businesses to quickly track, analyse, and report reliable environmental data to help them reduce their carbon emissions. Optimise your data gathering and climate action plan. Hire Sustainability Cloud experts by choosing Cloud Analogy, a leading Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, now!

Provide decision-makers with dashboard data

Analyse corporate environmental impact with rich data visualisation and dashboards. Track energy patterns and emission trends. Drive sustainability solutions by evaluating corporate environmental impact with comprehensive data visualisation and dashboards to meet and address transformations.

Why Choose Cloud Analogy for Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Implementation?

Cloud Analogy, a leading Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, gives businesses the productivity tools they need to measure their carbon footprint so they can put a great emphasis on sustainability throughout their organisation.

Identify economic and social development opportunities

Review policies and procedures of business foundation

Highest standards of performance and transparency

Measure social and environmental performance

Set data-driven goals and track improvement

Integrate suppliers into sustainable practices

Reduce product lifecycle and overall waste output

Integrate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into business strategy and operations

Identify and share your sustainable, social impact

Promote climate action programs at scale

Our teams of Sustainability Cloud experts help you access data-driven insights to make change the planet will notice and track, analyse, and report environmental data. Gather and utilise this information into Salesforce Einstein Analytics to gather dynamic reports, insights, and dashboards to take action to offset your business’s emissions.

The Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Consulting Services and Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Implementation Solutions offered by Sustainability Cloud specialists at Cloud Analogy help you become an integral part of a sustainable, low-carbon future by acquiring a wide range of carbon-neutral cloud products.


Discover the best of peer benchmarking, best practices, anonymised data to track progress, and ways to input supply chain information. Tackle carbon accounting audits in faster time frames and observes data on carbon-consciousness and sustainability.

By choosing Cloud Analogy as a Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Consultancy Partner and Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Implementation Partner, you can get complete and uninterrupted access to a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) roadmap.

Tell a purpose-driven story, enhance customer experiences, and improve environmental efficiency into their business core for growth in the long term.

Contact us now at info@cloudanalogy.com or call us at +44-121-288-9424 to find out how your business can become a beneficiary of our cost-effective Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Consulting services and Salesforce Sustainability Cloud Implementation capabilities.

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