Salesforce Community Cloud-Salesforce Communities Development

Build Personalized Salesforce Communities to Engage with Customers, Employee, and Partners. Hire certified Salesforce Communities Development Consultants now!

Salesforce Community Cloud, now known as Salesforce Experience Cloud, is a social platform from that connects and facilitates communication between the employees, customers, and partners of your organization. Enable the users to share data and images – all in the real-time. Hire best Salesforce Experience Cloud experts now.



Why Salesforce Community Cloud-Salesforce Communities Development?

Connect with people important for your business with Community Cloud (Salesforce Experience Cloud).


Provide Better Customer Service

A community helps customers to find answers for themselves and for other customers as well. Focus on more meaningful complex customer issues with the service agents. Create a rich self-service with the Community Cloud Service.


Engage with Customers

Support customers by accessing data and make purchase decisions. Community Cloud gives a voice to customers. Provide a one-stop-shop for the customers to have more information on your organizational products and services.


Improve Employee Productivity

Harness the power of Community Cloud to create a social, mobile and branded Community for your employees with improved productivity. Provide a personalized experience for each employee and offer a real impact on the employees, with increased satisfaction and retention rates.


Build Communities to Fit into Your Business Ecosystem

Build a community that is crucial for your business ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of suppliers, vendors, agencies, job applicants as well as retail location. Collaborate among the employees, partners and above all your customers.


Bring Partners into Business Processes in New Ways

Increase the sales by connecting with resellers, distributors, and partners in a partner community. Access more information by partners from experts. Update records, generate new leads and manage funds. Enable to quickly close higher number of deals.

Why Choose Community Cloud Service from Cloud Analogy?

Generate ideas for new products for your organization, create peer-to-peer communities for the customers to help each other and add eCommerce functionalities to Communities. Hire top Salesforce Community Development experts and Salesforce Experience Cloud experts now!

Add Buys Buttons to eCommerce Options

Add e commerce functionalities to your Salesforce Community Cloud such as Add to Cart button or Buy button, directly to the Community pages. Convert the forums of engagement into places where actions take place - by bringing e commerce to online communities.

Management of Partners

Collaborate on opportunities and deals to increase revenue for your organization. Onboard the partners quickly by sharing training materials and content. Hire certified Salesforce Communities Development now!

Create Social Stickiness with Communities

Cultivate your own online Communities to ensure stickiness for the visitors to spend more time on the company sites. Build better customer service with Communities and offer a powerful means for crowdsourcing ideas for resolution of complex problems. Create and organize communities better.

Empower Customers

Empower the customers to find solutions for their complex customer service issues by themselves and establish access to knowledge base and peer-to-peer support. Choose best Salesforce Communities Development company.


Our Salesforce Community Cloud Services

Build sophisticated custom communities, enhance your brand and collaborate, anywhere and anytime with top-notch Salesforce Communities Development services.

Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime

Access the Communities with highly customized mobile apps or mobile browsers with the help of our Salesforce experts. Collaborate successfully from anywhere, anytime and from any devices. Hire Experience Cloud developers now.

Build and Deploy faster with Lightning Bolt

Create mobile optimized communities and portals by using Lightning Bolt. This is integrated in a lightning fast way into the business processes of your organization. Hire Salesforce Communities Development specialists now!

Enhance Your Brand and Customer Experience

Create a branded, out-of-the-box community by our adept Salesforce certified professionals. Create quickly, an immersive customer experience by using the Community Builder - to match the look and feel of your brand.


Use Online Communities to recommend experts, content and groups - based on individual needs, behaviour and increase the level of community participation. Deliver customized and relevant information with selected content.

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