Salesforce Pardot​ Services

Maximize the Potential of Marketing Automation

Integrate Salesforce and Pardot

Tune Pardot to run according to your specifications with the automation tools for your Pardot account. Tinker, build and maintain with these automation tools. Connect your Salesforce with Pardot for the alignment of your sales and marketing team.

Why Salesforce Pardot?

Empower your business with the smart automation of Pardot. Increase Sales Revenue and Marketing Effectiveness.

Bridge between Sales & Marketing

Combine Salesforce Engage and Pardot to close the gap between and Sales and Marketing for your organization.

Easy Set Up for Email Marketing

Pardot has a simple setup. Send highly personalized emails - with email templates, dynamic content, automation rules and more.

Deep Dive into Metrics

Combine Pardot and B2B Analytics and dive deep into the metrics. Understand the effect of marketing on your organization.

Ability to Calculate ROI

Track marketing to increase sales. Distinguish campaigns (along with A/B tested emails) between the performing & the non-performing ones.

Empower your B2B Sales & Marketing with Pardot Services from Cloud Analogy

Segregate the Performing and the Non-performing campaigns and Optimize the Efficiency of Your Marketing Efforts.

Prospect Tracking

We offer insights into specific interests of prospects and enable Pardot to act as a powerful tool with personalization & list building automation.

Lead Grading and Scoring

We offer customer insights to prioritize leads. We qualify leads into the more interesting leads (lead grading) & interested in your products.

Closed-loop Reporting

We will help you with closed-loop reports for easy calculation of marketing ROI and track the origin of the leads generated.

Lead Nurturing

We will help you to design, the lead nurturing tracks- all throughout your pipeline of leads, across market segments and customer segments.

Advanced Email Marketing

We will make use of preformatted templates to create beautiful emails. We will use the Email Analytics of Pardot for spam analysis of emails.

Forms and Landing Pages

We use the Pardot’s assortment of landing pages, forms and email templates and let you customize with your own content.

Key Features of Salesforce Pardot Services

Empower your business with Pardot features and build a meaningful client relationship.

Blend Lead Scoring & Grading

Align your sales and marketing teams by a blend of lead scoring and grading. Ensure the prospects match the ideal profile.

Automated Lead Assessment

Set criteria with grade threshold and minimum score and automatically assign a lead to a sales rep and save your valuable time.

Track Visitors

Track the prospect and visitor activities with the marketing automation in Pardot. Find out more on what type of content is searched by the visitors.

Dynamic Content

Create a customized buying experience with dynamic content on the user profiles of your website. Increase engagement rates and boost click through rates.

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