Salesforce Consultant

The Salesforce Consultants at Cloud Analogy provide your business with valuable advice on technical and non-technical implementation with Salesforce CRM. The highly skilled and experienced Consultants can help your business to save considerable time, with all the know-how on the technical details. The organizations are sure to gain considerably by investing in the Salesforce Consulting services. The Salesforce Consultants will ensure to reduce the operational expenses by creating streamlined workflows. They are the ones to face the onslaught of challenges for your business and enhance customer satisfaction.  

The service from the Salesforce Consultant starts right from understanding your company goals and needs. Subsequent collaborations and streamlining the business processes are some of the focus areas of the Salesforce Consultant. These certified experts have the knowledge on preventing data losses, and other issues, in whatever be the nature of the projects handled by them, migration of huge chunks of data from old applications or even integration between CRM and ERP system. Our team ensures that the project is completed on-time and within the budget allocated and we are highly appreciated by our clients.  

Deepali Kulshrestha

Shweta Bajetha

Somya Tyagi

Rupali Dixit

Siddhartha Bhadoriya

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