Salesforce Developer

The adept developers at Cloud Analogy have expertise in the entire Salesforce ecosystem. And that includes knowledge on customizing, integrating and implementing Salesforce-based solutions. The developers customize Salesforce solution for the global clients, aligning with all the business objectives and KPIs for your business.

The development team at Cloud Analogy are a passionate group, yearning to learn, at all the stages of each and every Salesforce Releases. They believe in working hard and round-the-clock on the various projects and has impeccable, on-time delivery of the projects – earning the highest level of appreciation from their clients. The team is capable of handling all time zones.  

The team has worked in various projects and has abilities on integrating Salesforce with other systems to build secure, seamless and scalable solutions. In a nutshell, it is about presenting data in the right place and at the right time. The developers are all part of the Trailhead community, with less competition and more collaboration. The development team ensures to increase the ROI for your business. The dedicated Salesforce developers at Cloud Analogy offer affordable solutions for your business.

Akshay Dhiman

Rajat Jaiswal

Suneel Singh Patel

Prashant Kumar

Sarthak Saxena

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