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Pin Tags

Pin tag or any object with a click.

Pin tags are the most common feature used by human beings from the primitive time of classification. We understand your need for tagging your important Records, high-cost Opportunities, critical case or region wise Accounts.

Task & Notes

Timeline Manager

Notes, Task, Meetings, and Emails related list under any object would make more sense if presented in a Timeline view. Get the story line you always wanted to generate out of the conversation you had with end client via various channels.

Drag n Drop

Lightning Ready

Get the Feature you waited for so long. Drag and Drop feature is here to ease the add Attachment functionality on all the Salesforce objects. Now you can add Attachment to any Object in Salesforce by just a click or dragging and dropping it into your browser window. Moreover, this is completely customizable. User will not have to copy paste script everything will be automatically taken care of with just a Click.


Lightning Ready

Multi Utility App is a collection of several small & useful tools which help any Salesforce User in their every workday. All the applications are beautifully placed on the sidebar and easily accessible. Easy and light to use with minimal configuration steps & is the most used useful utility tool.

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