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CRM for Marketing

Empower your marketing teams to sync their efforts for identifying and converting the right prospects. Let a joint purpose and the sense of cohesiveness guide them so your enterprise can gain comprehensive and accurate visibility into customer behaviors across the sales and marketing cycles from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

Built with Marketing team goals in mind

Marketing Director

Product Manager

Public Relations Specialist

Brand Manager

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketing Communication Manager

Content Marketing Specialist

Marketing Consultant

Why should your marketing team members leverage Salesforce CRM?

Deliver cross-channel and cross-functional marketing campaigns.

Create a customized and targeted customer journey.

Understand your consumer base better.

Correctly engage your audience across all customer touchpoints.

Connect discrete interactions on the customer’s terms from any channel.

Create and deliver content on the channels your customers care to make you more relevant.

Connect the dots across important customer touchpoints.

Create personalized experiences for your customers.

Personalize touchpoints and impressions from the word go.

81 %

of marketing leads are unfortunately never converted to sales.

31 %

B2B marketing leads never qualify.

49 %

of enterprises believe most leads require a “long cycle”.

34 %

revenue was lost in 2019 due to inefficiencies.

Cover every imaginable customer interaction and engagement with Salesforce CRM now!

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