Aramex Collaborated With Salesforce To Modify Customer Service

Aramex Collaborated With Salesforce To Modify Customer Service

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Aramex, Dubai multinational logistics, courier, package service provider company, collaborated with an American customer relationship management company -Salesforce, to boost and modify its customer service.

Ever since the Pandemic surfaced, Innovative logistic and transportation service providers have been back in focus. Thus, the population of young, digitally-savvy Millennial and Generation Z shoppers is more confident with E-Commerce platforms.

Mohammed Sleeq, Aramex’s chief digital officer, said that to address the evolving needs of their customers and acquire market share in the growing e-commerce market, they needed to transform their traditional supply chain process. With the launch of Salesforce CRM, Aramex can create flawless and personalized solutions to optimize their customer journey and improve the effectiveness of their end-to-end sales cycle. They also anticipate that it will increase their customer acquisition and demand generation capabilities.

Sleeq further added that Aramex is a data-driven organization. They use data to enhance customer experiences and engagements. It moves packages’ across continents and countries and also carries consumer buyer trends and last mile preferences. So they need to dive deeply to understand those behaviors and work backward to continually improve their services and boost operational efficiencies.

Aramex will use Tableau software in its digital transformation roadmap to merge databases from different channels, visualize the data, and improve customer involvement. 

Thierry Nicault, area vice president – the Middle East and North Africa Salesforce, said that despite the pandemic challenges, Aramex shows how logistics and transportation businesses can digitally transform and release their data to enhance customer experiences and operations and business competitiveness. Data is the starting point of any customer engagement, and data will power Aramex’s innovations in customer experiences during the Pandemic and beyond.

Aramex is digitally modifying Salesforce’s customers 360 platforms to improve its customer service level to merge marketing, sales, and customer service. It will get a complete viewpoint of the customer over its portals, social media, and apps to provide personalized results. It is working on a digital transformation roadmap, and investing in technology will be fruitful for the company, as it will secure its leadership position in the core market and acquire more market share around the world.


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