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Google To Launch Hub Of Holiday Marketing Resources

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Google plans to launch a hub of holiday marketing resources so that it can help marketers reach customers across Search, Shopping, and Maps.

The holiday hub is full of resources so that marketers can prepare themselves for the best shopping season of the year. 

A study has shown that 71 percent of the US adults plan to do more than half of their shopping digitally. Moreover, they are open to buying from new retailers. This is why Google came up with this idea of putting together a hub of holiday marketing resources to ensure customers get in touch with local businesses.

To reach online customers is a necessity this year, thus with the help of this mini-site, Google intends to help businesses reach shoppers across Google Shopping, Google Search, and Google Maps.

Here are the tools that Marketers can look into this holiday hub:

Grow My Store

This tool will analyze the customer experience on the site and compare your site’s performance with others in the same retail category.

All you need to do is to add your site’s URL and Grow My Store will provide you with recommendations to improve your online shop. It will take several hours to get the full result, so have the patience before you start off.

The tool by Google won’t ask you to verify your ownership before you start creating the full result and it is undoubtedly one of the best tools to analyze the work of competitors.

Local Opportunity Finder

This tool by Google is specially designed for small businesses that are looking for ways to attract customers towards a particular physical location.

Local Opportunity Finder has been created to assist local businesses to get the best out of Google My Business profile. It also provides personalized suggestions for improvements just like the Grow My Site tool.

Marketing Lessons from Google

Not just tools to help your business, Google’s small business holiday hub also consists of lessons for marketers which ranges from 4 minutes to 16 minutes in length.

The lessons include:

  • How to list products in Google for free
  • Making it easy for customers to find you
  • Creating an effective social media plan
  • SEO best practices
  • Five options for getting your business online

Google has also provided some links to many existing help guides on how businesses can utilize different features within Google My Business.

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