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Salesforce Acquires Sales-Enablement Firm LevelJump

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LevelJump, a cloud-based sales onboarding and training platform, has been acquired by Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM company for an undisclosed amount. 

LevelJump was founded in 2014 by David Bloom, the Founder & CEO of LevelJump. The company offers sales onboarding and enablement software that is entirely built on Salesforce’s platform. Users can link practices to CRM milestones, metrics, and business results. Managers can also get an overview of the business rep’s progression compared with other users.

With this acquisition, Salesforce will leverage LevelJump’s effective and outcome-based enablement and coaching solutions within the Sales Cloud interface to provide guidance and facilitate better engagement and measure ROI of the sales process.

Key features Of LevelJump 

LevelJump, built entirely upon the Salesforce platform, offers coaching, training, enablement, and readiness programs directly within your customer-facing team’s workflow.

Lead sales representatives to critical success and empower sales representatives with a sales results-based readiness program for absolute go-to-market alignment. 

Analyze program and KPIs together and determine how enablement drives the metrics for revenue KPIs.

Taksina Eammano, SVP Product, Sales Cloud, remarked: “As handshakes and team meetings have moved online, it’s critical onboarding and enablement also evolve. Bringing LevelJump into Salesforce will empower our customers to effectively engage a distributed workforce and measure success based on outcomes and peer learning—ultimately building high-performing teams fast.

With the integration of LevelJump and Trailhead, Salesforce will play a critical role in upskilling and reskilling the workforce for the future as sales enablement is embedded directly into the Salesforce Sales Cloud. In addition, it will help build high-performing sales teams fast, accelerate deals with data-driven coaching, skill-up sales reps through contextual, real-time learning, and tie enablement to revenue. 
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