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Salesforce Announces Tony Prophet As Chief Equality And Recruiting Officer

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Salesforce has named Tony Prophet who led the Office of Equality as its Chief Equality and Recruiting Officer within its Employee Success organization. In his expanded role, Tony will help guide the global recruiting initiatives of Salesforce with an inclusive lens at every step. In addition to this responsibility, Tony will continue to lead the Office of Equality towards Salesforce’s mission of Equality for All.

“Equality is a core value at Salesforce and a cornerstone of our culture,” said Brent Hyder, Chief People Officer at Salesforce. “Bringing Equality and Recruiting together creates a unique opportunity for us to lead with our values and build a workplace that reflects our society.”

In 2016, Tony joined Salesforce after years in leadership at HP and Microsoft and has led the Office of Equality since then to help bring the inclusive programs and processes of Salesforce to 50,000+ employees. Tony led the opening of the Office of Ethical and Humane Use and hired Paula Goldman to ensure the Salesforce technology drives both the success of its customers and positive social change. 

Throughout his career, Prophet has remained passionate about community service, improving healthcare for children and HIV-positive women in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on ensuring low-income teens get college educations, and educating female workers on health issues in developing countries. Tony has worked as a champion for human rights and social justice, including improving schools for children of migrant workers and addressing the root causes of migratory worker flows and protecting the rights of young workers. 

Prophet holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from General Motors Institute and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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