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Salesforce Introduces Loyalty Management Service For B2B, B2C Companies

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Salesforce has announced its latest service, Loyalty Management, which will help B2B and B2C companies to build and customize the loyalty programs. The new product is for companies across industries which includes retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, travel, and hospitality, so as to increase customer engagement and trust. 

Loyalty Management which is built in Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, allows companies to build intelligent loyalty programs for B2C and B2B customers with a configurable, flexible, and quickly deployable solution to fit the specific needs. Companies can provide more personalized consumer experiences to evolve loyalty programs to stay modern with customer expectations. This will help drive business value by creating a loyal and lifelong customer.

Additional Features that are included in Loyalty Management are:

  • Program Management: Offers configured programs for any industry
  • Personalized Loyalty Offerings: Allows companies to target various segments of the member base to ensure those loyalty offerings are unique and customized
  • Integrations with Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Customer Audiences 360: It will help integrate into any existing systems such as outside CDP or marketing automation tool.

David Schmaier, CEO of Salesforce Industries stated that Customers join the loyalty programs with the promise of a more personalized and relevant experience but often encounter a generic approach that is broadly applied to all the members. Also, Loyalty Management will allow companies of all industries to progress their loyalty programs from the transactional level to a more human-centric approach that is capable of creating an individualized and relationship-building moment with all the customers.

Loyalty Management will meet the unique needs of the customers by designing a variety of different programs. It can be a tiered membership program or points per purchase one, that can help businesses to have a flexible configuration to earn and redeem rewards programs. In addition, Loyalty Management can provide companies with guidance and solutions to strengthen their loyalty program with customers.

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