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Salesforce Launches New Toolset For Customer Feedback Management

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Salesforce has rolled out a new integrated toolset and surveys built natively into the Salesforce platform to help businesses gather real-time feedback based on customer needs and expectations.

Salesforce Feedback Management provides the following functionalities for gathering real-time and actionable feedback: 

Powered by Einstein Analytics, Feedback Management suite empowers businesses to pull data available on the Salesforce platform and integrate that data into a customer survey question like service rep name, item purchased, and date of service to provide more personalized questions and content to the survey taker. 

Salesforce Feedback Management provides businesses with the ability to create fully customizable and interactive lifecycle maps and journey analytics to determine the interactions important to their business, create online surveys, and automate survey responses collection across any channel such as bots, service centers, portals and more.

With Feedback Management, businesses can craft follow-up actions based on any survey response and track net promoter and customer satisfaction scores throughout the customer lifecycle. Moreover, it offers intelligent and engaging dashboards so that businesses can track customer feedback to understand the needs of their customers better. 

Ashish Kothari, SVP of Product Management for Salesforce Industries, commented: “As organizations continue to manage through reopening safely, it’s more important than ever that they understand the changing needs and expectations of their key stakeholders. With that in mind, Salesforce introduces Feedback Management, a new suite of enterprise-level tools and surveys built natively into the Salesforce platform that provides businesses with the capabilities to collect real-time, actionable feedback.

According to Salesforce, Feedback Management is now available worldwide as an add-on to industry-specific sales, services, platforms, and clouds.

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