Salesforce Touts Einstein Voice Skills at World Tour

Salesforce Touts Einstein Voice Skills at World Tour

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During a keynote presentation at Salesforce World Tour Stop in New York, Salesforce highlighted its new Einstein Voice Skills capabilities and various other components of the Salesforce Customer 360, a customer identity management platform.

At Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce announced Einstein Voice Skills to help developers and admins build custom voice-powered apps for employees, irrespective of their role or industry.

Salesforce spotlighted Einstein Voice Skills capabilities to the attendees of the Salesforce World Tour by demonstrating how administrators and developers can create voice-powered apps without writing a single line of code. A Voice Skills beta program will be launched in spring 2020, the company said.

Parker Harris, Salesforce’s chief technology officer and co-founder, said “the Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence platform is “moving forward and also getting smarter with every click,” and one way it’s doing that is with the “power of voice”.

At the Salesforce World Tour Stop, Salesforce emphasized the power of the Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence platform by demonstrating the ways to use Einstein Voice skills and various other company services.

Today, companies must use the power of the Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence platform to seamlessly connect and understand their customers in a one-to-one way. Companies must ensure that they use the full power of their community to connect with their customers, Harris said.

Salesforce pointed out the barriers, including the fact that companies are still dealing with outdated infrastructure, systems, and software and fragile interactions between systems as information is present in all these silos. In addition, data is no longer accurate for a long time and companies are too often getting affected by all these new compliance laws and regulations.

Besides, companies also deal with the challenge of employees that don’t possess all of the right skills that they need. Harris said that Salesforce Customer 360 can help companies overcome all of these challenges.

Meanwhile, Salesforce announces its plans to increase the number of employees at its Salesforce Tower New York City building, which opened in 2018. It has previously committed to creating 1 million jobs for the American workers. Furthermore, it also announced in October that it plans to create 4.2 million new jobs and $1.2 trillion in new business revenue globally between 2019 and 2024.

Ebony Beckwith, Salesforce’s Chief Philanthropy Officer and Executive Vice President, revealed at the World Tour that company is making two new investments while the company strengthens its presence in New York – one to the New York City Department of Education (DOE) and the other to the Futures and Options, a youth workforce development nonprofit program.

In New York City, Salesforce is donating $500,000 to the Department of Education. It also expanded existing partnerships with public school districts in Chicago, Indianapolis, and the Bay Area, where its head office is located. Salesforce is also providing a $250,000 grant to Futures and Options that provides high school students with early career exposure and paid work experiences to help young people succeed and thrive in a diverse and global world.


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