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Salesforce Updates Commerce Cloud

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Salesforce has updated its commerce APIs and announced a new dashboard for tracking performance for its Einstein AI-powered recommendation system. The world’s number 1 customer relationship management (CRM) giant also added a Mulesoft Accelerator to its Commerce Cloud for faster integrations. It also released a Salesforce Order Management solution for eCommerce teams.These announcements came during the kick-off for the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2020 annual conference.

New Einstein AI dashboard. The new, intuitive dashboard within Commerce Cloud Reporting demonstrates how Einstein AI-powered product recommendations are performing within the storefront platform of a company. Salesforce added that near real-time metrics are provided by the Einstein AI dashboard so merchandisers have actionable information the need across storefront pages, sites, and custom date-ranges.

Improvements to commerce APIs and Commerce Cloud. The updates introduced by Salesforce to its commerce APIs and Commerce Cloud Solution are designed with a predefined purpose to reduce the production process for custom commerce apps built on the platform of Salesforce. They are also aimed to assist eCommerce and marketing teams extend their reach to shoppers at any touch point.

Salesforce added the MuleSoft Accelerator to Commerce Cloud for giving a revolutionary jump to commerce cloud integrations. The MuleSoft Accelerator comes powered with pre-built templates for enterprise resource planning and product information management.

A community-driven initiative for developers. A Commerce Cloud Developer Center has been launched by Salesforce for creating a “community” for those building eCommerce application programming interfaces. This center will offer best practices, resources, developer toolkits, sample apps, and a way for API developers to engage with others in the field.

A Salesforce Order Management platform. The customer relationship management giant announced the new solution will help in “bridging the gap” between digital and physical channels, automating and connecting fulfillment and customer service processes.

The platform works with Salesforce’s mobile POS partners NewStore, PredictSpring, and Mad Mobile.

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