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Walmart And Salesforce Team Up To Offer Amazing Solutions

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The giant retailer Walmart, popular for selling groceries, toothpaste, toys, and more, has recently announced its collaboration with Salesforce.

The collaboration is creating a great buzz in the retail industry as now; retailers can take advantage of both Walmart Commerce Technologies Store Assist local fulfillment app and Walmart GoLocal local delivery solutions with the support of Salesforce AppExchange.

Walmart’s collaboration with Salesforce will give retailers access to the same innovative technologies that Walmart was using. 

These scalable solutions will provide personalized and easy business experiences to the customers with real-time order visibility and reliable local pickup as well as delivery.

Also, this new integration will improve the hybrid shopping environment and promote market cost-efficiency.

Walmart launched GOLocal in 2021 with a vision that retailers can access white-label, delivery-as-a-service technology to power a frictionless delivery experience for their customers.

The GOLocal delivery service will also drop off the purchased items at the customers’ doorstep. 

The strategy behind the partnership is that the Store Assist app will enable retailers to benefit their local stores as fulfillment centers.

This partnership aims to improve the customers’ shopping experience. Also, the shoppers can expect the brands to deliver highly connected and frictionless experiences across physical and digital touchpoints, said Satish Kumar, Walmart’s Global Chief Technology Officer.

Its digital advertising business increased by more than 30% in the quarter globally and led by 40% growth in Walmart Connect in the U.S.

This integration shows positive signs and will support Walmart to stand out above in its app store as a technology, especially among retailers. 

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