CRM for Support

For every success-driven business, the first and foremost priority is to have a crystal clear picture of the business interactions and relationships at all touch points. Whether it is a lead, opportunity, first contact, sales pipeline conversion, up-sell, cross-sell, or after-sales service, the Salesforce CRM is all you need.

Built with customer care professionals in mind

Customer Service Agent

Customer Care Manager

Customer Care Supervisor

Customer Liaison Officer

Customer Care Coordinator

Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Business Service Representative

Call Center Representative

Call Center Customer Support

Customer Service Representative

Client Distribution Specialist

Client Account Assistant

Customer Support Specialist

Contact Center Help Desk

Telephone Support Specialist

Customer Interaction Management Specialist

Client Success Manager

Customer Solution Representative

Why should your customer support teams leverage Salesforce CRM?

Identify and resolve customer issues in quick time.

Access customer interactions and constructive feedback.

Find the desired information with just a few clicks.

Leverage CRM data to identify and harness training opportunities.

Organize all your business data into a secure and unified platform.

Evaluate the performance of reps and formulate improvement plans.

It has been their success story for too long. Make it yours now!

93 %

unhappy customers will not do business with you again.

88 %

Of the potential customers go to competitors due to absence of clear policies.

73 %

customers make a switch after a bad experience.

82 %

of customers shift for better customer experience.

Don’t let your business fall in doldrums. Choose Salesforce CRM now!

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