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Adobe Announces AI Tools For Sales, Marketing, and Ecommerce

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Tech giant Adobe has unveiled a number of innovative AI solutions designed to help marketers and salespeople such as customer intelligence tools for leads, content matching, channel monitoring, and customer journeys.

The tools will help companies automate their sales and marketing process. The tech firm is offering advanced AI capabilities with these solutions.

Before lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, companies were competing to deal with enormous amounts of data, and how to use it to understand the customers. The five pre-built AI tools by Adobe are designed to overcome this problem. Two AI tools – Customer AI and Attribution AI are in their final version, while the other three – Journey AI, Content & Commerce AI, Leads AI are available.

The company has announced five pre-built AI solutions that have been specifically designed to give marketers more intelligent insight. Amit Ahuja, VP of ecosystem development at Adobe, said “Even before the pandemic, customers were struggling to deal with the onslaught of data and how they could use it to understand their customers better.”

Ahuja further said that “There is so much data coming in, and customers are struggling to leverage this data — and not just for the purpose of analytics and insights, which is a huge part of it, but also to do predictive optimization.”

Attribution AI tool is used to connect conversion data to specific areas of ad spending and marketing activities. With this tool, companies can understand the exact status of what marketing investment runs into the actual revenue. Customer AI is aimed at marketers who are trying to understand how and why their customers behave.

Journey AI tool is still in a beta version. It empowers marketers to determine the best and ideal platform that can be used to increase customer loyalty and customer retention. Content and Commerce AI focuses on the most effective ways to deliver high-quality content. Lead AI tool is designated to keep track of the visitors’ activities. It also allows businesses to figure out what visitors will convert into business.

Adobe combines a number of standardized AI toolboxes for various applications. These five tools are just the beginning of the toolbox. The company plans to add new tools as customers look for additional insights from data to help them improve and boost their digital marketing results.

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