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AWS And Salesforce On Service Cloud Voice In A Work-From Anywhere World

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Salesforce has partnered with AWS to offer Amazon Connect for pre-integrated telephony. Companies may now digitize their call centers to provide resilient phone support from anywhere. During the times of COVID-19, an evolution of the contact centers with work-from-anywhere is the new all-digital. 

Service Cloud + Amazon Connect

With a joint vision of helping customers with the contact centers, Salesforce has decided to partner with Amazon connect. Throughout the rise of the digital era, the phone remained analog, Amazon’s telephony infrastructures are powered by the cloud that serves the organization with high-quality and consistent voice services regardless of the location of customer service agents.

Customer Response On The Partnership

Customers are delighted with the collaboration. The opportunity to move from local servers to one global cloud will drive consistency and resiliency in every business operation and also save money. 

As Amazon delivers at a larger scale, organizations can standardize and streamline their contact centers. Encounter a better customer experience when customer data combines with smart workflow and an intelligent contact center.

Benefits Of Moving Contact Centers To The Cloud

  • Improved voice quality
  • Easy management of contact centers with one platform in a globalized way that serves all employees across the company
  • More comfortable and faster to spin up a call center in the cloud than working on separate regional centers. 
  • Security is the most important in recent times, and cloud offers agility, scalability, the flexibility to work from anywhere without sacrificing it.

Cloud For Service Agents

Service Cloud Voice brings together everything an executive needs: various channels, customer information from CRM, knowledge sources, and even telephony services. The technology can also be used like AI, which will provide agents with quick answers as soon as they are questioned.

Partnership Plans And Outcomes

Along with the Service Cloud Voice, AWS Cloud, and Salesforce infrastructures, Private Connect integration allows data to connect securely. Government Cloud Plus, a FedRAMP High authority for government organizations in the US, is also developing a skill set around AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials.

Salesforce and Amazon Connect have joined hands to serve customers with an enhanced solution. With Service Cloud Voice, both platforms will continue to provide world-class customer service.

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