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Brian Solis Hired By Salesforce As Global Innovation Evangelist

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Brian Solis, renowned keynote speaker, and digital evangelist, announced he has been hired by Salesforce as its Global Innovation Evangelist.

Solis is known for identifying opportunities for innovation and studying digital trends globally in order to understand their impact on market dynamics.

Solis researches digital transformation, digital commerce, disruption, innovation, and customer experience. At Salesforce, Solis is aiming to identify signals to guide leaders and stakeholders more effectively in their digital transformation and innovation investments. Solis, as a “digital anthropologist,” observes the evolution of employee and customer behaviors. He will be publishing his research, work, industry best practices, and customer insights publicly. Solis will also continue to be a keynote speaker at industry, customer, and partner events.

Solis remarked he was inspired to join Salesforce while having a conversation with Salesforce Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar around a fire pit in Half Moon Bay.

Solis is going to report to Senior Vice President of Strategy John Taschek. In 2019, Solis had exited his role as a principal analyst at research advisory company Altimeter Group. Solis left the firm to be an independent digital analyst who serves brands, enterprise clients, and agencies. He had then remarked that his work will focus on thought leadership, original and custom research, advisory and keynote speaking. Prior to Altimeter, he was the founder and principal of digital and social media agency FutureWorks Labs.

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