Call Centers To Be Revolutionized By Salesforce And AWS Venture

Call Centers To Be Revolutionized By Salesforce And AWS Venture

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If you are a client of or user of the Salesforce products, services, and capabilities, you’ll soon see the first of a wide range of new products coming online thanks to the partnership between Salesforce and Amazon.

This partnership has the potential of major effects for the users of Salesforce, one of the world’s most widely used customer relationship management platforms. Together, Amazon and Salesforce will supply tools and data to help individuals and organizations leverage sales prospects and interactions, both inside and outside the framework of the Salesforce ecosystem and even with the wider internet.

As part of its ambitious project, Salesforce will be using Amazon Web Services to scale up its Service Cloud with embedded voice functionality. The partnership is built on the agreement that Amazon and Salesforce signed way back in 2016. It will provide Salesforce with the ability to boost its call center business with the dominance of AWS in cloud-based services.

In recent times, a number of providers in both the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market have been looking at solutions that will integrate calling data with CRM systems. It also offers organizations with CRM platforms that can power customer service centers.

Call Center Competition

Today, organizations are investing heavily in customer center technology and CRM is the hub that sits right at the nexus of many contact centers. A big majority of contact centers make use of Salesforce products, services, and capabilities but a different company usually offers the actual calling services.

In this sector, Salesforce and AWS Connect have been competing for a while but the partnership between the two would address that overlap. This association also demonstrates how the two big organizations are ready to work with each other for leveraging their existing capabilities to the hilt instead of giving each other a head-to-head competition.

AWS call-center services would now be offered by Salesforce as a feature of its product called Service Cloud. Customers of Salesforce can now easily purchase Amazon Connect directly from Salesforce. The Amazon product can then be easily integrated so that it works as an out-of-the-box solution, offering both call transcription and call recording to Salesforce customers.

Open Platform Credentials Of Salesforce

However, it does not mean that Salesforce customers will have to mandatorily use Amazon Connect. Call center Customers who are presently using Genesys or Cisco can still use their existing options. Moreover, telephone vendors who on their call center offerings work with Salesforce can take advantage of its artificial intelligence capabilities.

The AI technology of Salesforce includes its “Einstein intelligence layer” that can provide advice to call center workers and “read” call transcripts in real-time. In addition to this, Einstein has the ability to “listen” to a call and offer possible solutions while the call is still in session.

Recently, Salesforce announced that it is moving its Salesforce Market Cloud to Microsoft Azure. It was also announced that Microsoft Teams will be integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud.

Key Takeaways

Users, from a practical perspective, will gain access to more tools and greater use of the latest and seamless AI technology that monitors calls.

Salesforce and Amazon have been competing against each other in the call center market but their deal is likely to pave the way for more cooperation in the times to come.

The latest strategic alliance between Amazon and Salesforce will be of great advantage to both tech giants. It will also serve as the basis for an out-of-the-box call-center solution.

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