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Cambridge Building Society Is The First To Use Newly-Launched CRM System

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ekeeper, the mortgage, lending, and banking CRM system, has launched a new customer relationship management (CRM) system for their lenders. The newly launched system is named Intermediary Manager and can be used by product providers, including savings providers, pensions and wealth providers, and insurers.

Cambridge Building Society is the first subscriber to the system as the Intermediary Manager will structure around how Cambridge’s business development team will manage the relationships with their intermediary partners. eKeeper will also assist with all the intermediary activity by securely storing and managing all information related to the adviser population. This will also seamlessly integrate business intelligence (BI) data from Cambridge’s mortgage origination platform.

David Bennett, the Commercial Director of eKeeper, commented that they have worked with Cambridge for some time to launch their newest product. Currently, they are rolling it out across the market for both lenders and other product providers. 

Cambridge uses the mortgage origination system from DPR, eKeeper’s parent company. Thus, the CRM system will integrate all the BI data from its mortgage originations into another Intermediary Manager to provide full management reporting. It will further include visual summaries that will be linked at an individual adviser firm or network level or even both. 

Through the configurable dashboard, Cambridge users can generate their own unique interface that will support various BI widgets like customized graphs or reports and notifications and diary reminders.

Kathy Bowes, the Intermediary Manager at Cambridge, also stated that the newly-launched CRM software would provide a holistic view of the intermediary partners and enable the team to understand better the types of business they lend to work with them. Along with that, the insight gained will also allow Cambridge to have more meaningful conversations with the intermediaries and also allow them to support their needs appropriately.

Over the past 18 months, CRM lacked provision in the lender space that is needed to handle the intermediary relationships. Also, the existing pedigree of developing the CRM software is by having ultimate knowledge of the mortgage and protection sectors and adapting the core system that has allowed to deliver a tailored relationship system to support Cambridge’s on-going growth.

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