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ClearTax and Salesforce Join hands To Improve Customer Service

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ClearTax, a fintech SaaS company that offers products related to GST compliance and tax & investing, has announced that it has implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to support its growing customer base and increase sales efforts. This implementation will help improve sales team collaboration and initiatives, customer onboarding, and streamline customer service cycle.

With the Salesforce Service Cloud key features, ClearTax will be able to track the performance of the sales and service team and drive growth to its enterprise accounts. This tool will help solve questions faster through a centralized platform, helps proactively identify customer problems, and track feature requests to give customers a superior overall experience.

Archit Gupta, Founder and CEO of ClearTax, said: “Few companies can look at deploying CRM tools in this time of economic crisis.” He further added, “Our investment in Salesforce Service Cloud shows our commitment to bring superior experience to our customers, and to guide and service them across channels.

Vikrant Chowdhary, Area Vice President – Finserv Business Unit, Salesforce India, said, “In these modern times, having a digital strategy has become more important than ever for companies to stay relevant & align to changing customer demands. We are delighted to be the technology partner for ClearTax to help their teams collaborate remotely, help scale its customer service, and provide a unified view of each customer to track, manage, and resolve issues quickly easily.”  

Although CRM is new to the company, ClearTax has been using Amazon Web Services (AWS) from the very beginning. ClearTax has depended on AWS services for all cloud requirements to build a safe and seamless platform for tax filing.

The collaboration of a fully integrated CRM solution such as Salesforce along with cloud capabilities, will unlock a wide range of untapped benefits for businesses such as real-time monitoring, personalization for customer experience, understanding customer needs, and insight-based decisions.

In addition to these benefits, ClearTax’s cloud-based compliance tools for GST compliance, such as e-invoicing and e-way bill software, will make it much easier for customers to be compliant and ensure optimum use of their working capital.

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