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Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan Announced Collaboration on Healthcare Solutions

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Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan Co Ltd have collaborated to develop new personalized digital solutions for the healthcare sector in the Japanese market.

The leading companies will promote this initiative by leveraging their different expertise. Fujitsu will help with its expertise in computing technologies & the trusted handling of medical and pharmaceutical data. At the same time, Salesforce Japan will show its expertise in handling CRM (customer relationship management) as an industry leader.

As their first action, Fujitsu and Salesforce Japan will perform together to create personalized digital solutions for insurance companies in Japan by cooperating with different medical institutions and insurance companies to help them evolve insurance products. These products will be designed to optimize individuals’ risk assessment based on the data on illnesses and the prediction of the possibility of diseases. AI from health and medical data will predict it. The two companies aim to commercialize Japan’s latest solutions in fiscal 2023.

In this remarkable initiative, both companies shared their thoughts & expectations with this collaboration.

The Fujitsu perspective: “We are excited to start the collaboration with Salesforce Japan in the healthcare field. By leveraging our respective strengths, I am confident we can develop and provide innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges and tasks,” said Yoshinami Takahashi, Corporate Executive Officer, EVP of Fujitsu Limited. “Through this collaboration, we ultimately aim to deliver new solutions under our portfolio of ‘Healthy Living’ offerings, contributing to healthcare transformation in Japan and throughout the world.”

The Salesforce perspective: “Care is not just about one moment in time – care is longitudinal,” said Amit Khanna, SVP and GM, Healthcare at Salesforce. “To transition to more preventative, holistic care, the healthcare industry must embrace more connected, collaborative solutions and start integrating data from different healthcare platforms to get a full picture of the patient. With this integrated end-to-end view, the healthcare industry can start working towards delivering personalized, tailored care to every patient.”

In short, the two companies aim to play a significant role in resolving economic and societal issues, including various health issues linked with the prolonged life expectations of individuals and the increased charges of treatment facilities due to the latest medical care.

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