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Google Acquires Actifio To Introduce Backup and Data Recovery To Google Cloud

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American multinational technology company Google has agreed to acquire Actifio, which is a cloud-focused protection technology developer. The acquisition is to expand the focus on the backup and data recovery services market.

In a blog post, Google announced that as business continuity is the main priority of an IT organization, thus they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Actifio.

Actifio is an upcoming leader in backup and disaster recovery while offering customers the opportunity to protect virtual copies of the data in their native format. It helps companies prevent data loss and downtime due to external threats, human errors, network failures, and several other disruptions.

Google said that the acquisition would help Google Cloud serve enterprises better as they enable business-critical workloads to be included in the hybrid scenarios. Google commented that it is committed to supporting it’s back up and DR technology and channel partner ecosystem to provide customers with a variety of options so as to choose the solution that fits best for their needs.

As per Google, Actifio is the best tool for them because :-

  • Increase business availability through cloud-native and hybrid environments by simplifying and accelerating backup and DR on the scale.
  • Several workloads, including corporate databases such as SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, as well as virtual machines (VMs) on VMware, Hyper-V, physical servers, and Google Compute Engine, are automatically backed up and secured.
  • Providing substantial data storage, upload, and recovery efficiencies.
  • Accelerate the creation of software and decrease DevOps cycles with tools for test data management.

Matt Eastwood, Senior Vice President of Infrastructure Research at IDC, commented that the market for backup and DR services is growing as the enterprise customers focus more on protecting the value of their data as it is fast-growing in the field of digital transformation.

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