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Google Acquires AppSheet for No-Code Application Development

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Google has announced its plans to acquire AppSheet, a leading no-code mobile application development platform, to assist enterprises to create high-quality and effective applications without writing a single line of code.

AppSheet operates by pulling data from a spreadsheet, database or form, and using the field or column as the basis for building applications. The AppSheet team will now be joining Google Cloud to deliver personalized services to new and existing customers by offering its existing services and various out-of-the-box capabilities.

This acquisition will help enterprises empower millions of developers to build applications with greater speed & efficiency and expand applications without the need for professional programming expertise.

Google is viewing this acquisition as an extension of the code-free development philosophy that works side by side with workflow automation, application integration, and API management.

AppSheet CEO Praveen Seshadri said, “We can now deliver a better platform for our customers and reach and empower many more users.”

With this acquisition, customers would be able to build richer and highly-customized applications on a larger scale by not only leveraging Google Sheets and Forms that are already popular among customers but also other top Google technologies like Android, Maps, and Google Analytics.

The AppSheet customers will still continue to support integration with a variety of cloud-hosted data sources including Salesforce, Dropbox, AWS DynamoDB and MySQL. AppSheet will also continue to support apps running on iOS and on web browsers.

The acquisition of AppSheet by Google Cloud will enable developers to leverage extensive programming information to gather a large amount of knowledge such as geographic knowledge and indoor location knowledge, or mechanically transfer knowledge. More than 200,000 apps have been deployed using AppSheet’s development suite, and over 18,000 “active application creators” create applications with AppSheet every month.

Google has also announced the acquisition of Pointy, a company based in Dublin, Ireland that has helped thousands of brick-and-mortar retailers deliver in-store product inventory online. With its acquisition of Pointy, Google is expanding its reach to the physical world. The deal is expected to be closed within the next few weeks.

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