Google Cloud And Synechron Announce Strategic Partnership

Google Cloud And Synechron Announce Strategic Partnership

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Synechron, one of the fastest-growing digital, business consulting, and technology services providers in global financial services, and Google Cloud have announced a new expansive and strategic partnership to expand cloud offerings to financial services clients worldwide. 

In this partnership, Synechron will collaborate with Google Cloud platform to further improve its established global Centre of Excellence (COE). It will also try to expand its existing cloud services offering for Synechron’s leading financial services clients to modernize the company’s architecture and cloud migration process.

Synechron will provide cloud-based solution architecture and operating models to support the migration of old processes and the creation of clouds for new business activities for its clients. Synechron’s Google Cloud Excellence Center includes a global team of Google Cloud accredited architects, data engineers, and developers who have designed and developed enterprise-grade, cloud-hosted solutions. 

With Synechron’s expertise in cloud migration and managed service frameworks, joint customers can confidently create an application landing zone for their ecosystems, improve operational efficiency, and ensure cost effects.

Earlier, Synechron has worked with Google Cloud for direct involvement in the UK, the Netherlands and APAC. As part of the Digital Ecosystem Accelerator, internal research, and development program for innovation, Synechron creates orchestration accelerators with Google Cloud platform that allows you to use the cash register API known as “Liquify.”

Liquify establishes a scalable ecosystem using activated API that automates business functions for managing cash, liquidity, and bank funds in various functional areas in the business department. The accelerator also integrates different APIs into the cloud-based microservice layer. It then routes them through the API gateway, allowing each API plug-in to perform independent functions without the existing monolithic system. This solution was presented as a use case for Google Cloud during the 2019 FinTech festival in Singapore.

Mihir P Shah, Managing Director and Head of the UK, The Netherlands, and APAC at Synechron, remarked: “I am delighted Synechron is now a proud partner of Google Cloud alongside some of the largest global financial services institutions. We have been working on building out our Google Cloud capabilities over the last year. With many new projects in the pipeline, I am excited by our new partnership and developing Synechron into a world leader that helps customers succeed with Google Cloud solutions.” 

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